Council meetings, Agendas and Minutes

The meetings of Horizons Regional Council are mainly held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and occasionally on Mondays.  They are held in the Tararua Room, Regional House, 11-15 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North - unless otherwise advised.  View the meeting schedule for 2016.

Times and venues are always published in local papers, and are also listed on the front of each Agenda.  We invite you to come along.

To access a meeting Agenda, Minutes, and/or individual reports, click on the appropriate meeting in the calendar, or on the relevant Committee on the left hand panel.  The Agendas and Reports are provided in PDF format.  Some Agenda attachments may not be available for download due to the file size.  These can be requested by phoning Horizons Regional Council, Ph:  0508 800 800.

If Council resolves to release all or part of the confidential minutes of any meeting, they will be attached as an annex to the minutes on the website.



The Horizons Regional Council council and committee structure adopted by Council for the 2013-2016 triennium is:

Regional Council:  (twelve Councillors)
Crs EB Gordon (Chairman), PW Rieger QSO JP (Deputy Chair), JJ Barrow, LR Burnell QSM, DB Cotton, MC Guy,  RJ Keedwell, PJ Kelly JP, GM McKellar, DR Pearce, BE Rollinson, CE Sheldon.

Strategy & Policy Committee
Committee of the Whole (12 Councillors).  Chair and Deputy Chair are the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Council.

Catchment Operations Committee
Crs MC Guy (Chair), JJ Barrow (Deputy Chair), LR Burnell QSM, DB Cotton, EB Gordon (ex Officio), RJ Keedwell, 
PJ Kelly JP, GM McKellar, DR Pearce, PW Rieger QSO JP, BE Rollinson, CE Sheldon. 

Environment Committee
Crs CE Sheldon (Chair), GM McKellar (Deputy Chair), JJ Barrow, EB Gordon (ex officio), MC Guy, RJ Keedwell, PJ Kelly JP, DR Pearce, BE Rollinson.

Audit, Risk & Investment Committee
Crs PW Rieger QSO JP (Chair), BE Rollinson (Deputy Chair), LR Burnell QSM, EB Gordon (ex officio), MC Guy, PJ Kelly JP, CS Sheldon.   

Regional Transport Committee
Crs EB Gordon (Chair), PW Rieger QSO JP (Substitute Chair), RJ Keedwell.

Passenger Transport Committee
Crs RJ Keedwell (Chair), DR Pearce, CI Sheldon. 

Manawatu River Users' Advisory Group
Cr LR Burnell QSM (Chair).

Linklater Bursary Subcommittee
Crs RJ Keedwell, DR Pearce, CI Sheldon.