River and Drainage Engineering Schemes

Annual Ratepayer Meetings - 2015

Each year meetings are held for ratepayers funding Horizons Regional Council’s various Flood Protection, River Control and Drainage Schemes.

The purpose of the meetings is to report to ratepayers on the work carried out on the Schemes over the past year, and to discuss work proposed to be carried out during the forthcoming financial year.  Scheme budgets and proposed rates for the 2015-16 year will also be presented and Councillors and staff will be available to respond to ratepayer queries on general Scheme issues.

This year’s meetings have been scheduled as follows:

Akitio Scheme                                               Wednesday 2 April 10.00 am

                                                                             Waione Hall

Eastern Manawatu Scheme                                  Thursday 26 March 1.30 pm

                                                                       The Hub, 23 Gordon St, Dannevirke 

South East Ruahine Scheme                          Wednesday 26 March 3.30 pm

                                                             The Hub, 23 Gordon St, Dannevirke

Lower Manawatu Scheme                               Wednesday 1 April 10.00 am

                                                                            Kairanga Hall

Manawatu Drainage Scheme                           Wednesday 1 April 1.30 pm

                                                       Horizons Regional Council – Kairanga Service Centre

Lower Kiwitea Scheme                                   Wednesday 1 April 4.30 pm

                                                      Cheltenham Hotel, 1469 Kimbolton Road, Cheltenham

Lower Whanganui River Scheme                     Thursday 9 April 1.00 pm

                                                          Wanganui District Council, Committee  Room 2

Whangaehu-Mangawhero Scheme                   Thursday 9 April 3.00 pm

                                                              Horizons Regional Council – Wanganui

Moutoa Drainage Scheme                              Friday 10 April 1.30 pm

                                                                          Foxton Lions Club

Koputaroa Drainage Scheme                          Friday 10 April 4.00 pm

                                                                            Koputaroa Hall

Upper Manawatu-Lower Mangahao Scheme     Thursday 16 April 10.00 am

                                                    Horizons Regional Council – Woodville Service Centre

Mangatainoka River Scheme                          Thursday 16 April 1.00 pm

                                                    Horizons Regional Council – Woodville Service Centre

Pohangina-Oroua Scheme                              Tuesday 21 April 10.00 am

                                                                         Pohangina Hall

Tutaenui Flood Control Scheme                      Tuesday 21 April 1.30 pm

                                                        Horizons Regional Council – Marton Service Centre

Matarawa Flood Control Scheme                    Tuesday 21 April 3.30 pm

                                                                             Okoia Hall

Rangitikei River Scheme                               Thursday 30 April 9.30 am

                                                        Horizons Regional Council – Marton Service Centre

Turakina River Scheme                                   Thursday 30 April 1.00 pm

                                                       Horizons Regional Council – Marton Service Centre

Makerua Drainage Scheme                              Wednesday 6 May 1.30 pm

                                                                          Tokomaru RSA

Te Kawau Drainage Scheme                           Tuesday 5 May 1.00 pm

                                                      Horizons Regional Council – Kairanga Service Centre

Ohau-Manakau Scheme                                  Wednesday 6 May 10.00 am

                                                                            Ohau Hall

Kahuterawa Scheme                                       Wednesday 6 May 4.00 pm

                                                                    Linton Community Centre        

Taringamotu Scheme                                     Monday 4 May 4.00 pm

                                                                           Ngakonui Hall

Upper Whanganui River Scheme                     Monday 4 May 7.30 pm

                                                           Central Park Motor Inn, Taumarunui

Hokio Drainage Scheme                                        Friday 10 April 10.00am

                                                                              Ohau Hall

Ashhurst Scheme                                                 Tuesday 5 May 4.00 pm

                                                                      Village Valley Centre, Ashhurst