Deputations, Petitions and Public Speaking Rights


If you want to present a deputation to the Council, written notice (fewer than 150 words) concerning the nature of the deputation must be lodged with the Chief Executive at least 2 working days before the date of the meeting, and subsequently approved by the Chair. Two members of a deputation may address the meeting and a time limit of 5 minutes is placed on each of those members.


You must advise the Chief Executive in writing at least 2 working days before the date of the meeting if you want to present a petition, and you must state the subject matter of that petition. The petition should be fewer than 150 words (not including signatories). A time limit of 5 minutes applies if you wish to present the petition to the meeting.

Public Speaking Rights

A period of up to 30 minutes is set aside for members of the public to speak at the commencement of standing Council, Committee and Subcommittee meetings of Horizons Regional Council which are open to the public.

Prior notification of intention to speak is required by 4.00pm on the working day before the meeting either by telephone or in writing (ie email, fax, letter) addressed to the Chief Executive and/or Chairman of Council. The right to speak is subject to the consent of the Chairperson of the relevant meeting.

Each speaker during the public speaking rights section of a meeting, may speak for up to five minutes. Speaking rights for the public are to be confined to those items falling within the terms of reference of that meeting, provided the matter is not sub-judice.

Note: The public speaking rights procedure does not apply in respect of any hearing, including the hearing of submissions where the Council, Committee or Subcommittee sits in a quasi-judicial capacity.

Councillors will listen to what you have to say, however they will not debate your comments with you during the meeting. Councillors, with the permission of the Chairperson, may ask questions if there are any points requiring information or clarification on matters raised by you.