One Plan

The purpose of this page is to help you find information about the One Plan from a single place.  

You can access the operative version of the One Plan from here, along with fact sheets about some popular topics.

If you are a farmer interested in nutrient management, you can access:

If you are a farmer or rural landowner interested in how the One Plan affects activities that will disturb land or vegetation (for example earthworks, cultivation, vegetation clearance or forestry), you can access:

If you want to take water, from a river, stream, bore or well, check the frequently asked questions or Chapter 16 of the One Plan to look at the rules.

If you are proposing to carry out any activity that may or will disturb an area of indigenous biological diversity on land or in a river, stream or wetland, or you are unsure whether an area would be considered to be a rare, threatened or at-risk habitat, please contact your local Land Management Officer for advice.

If you are planning an activity within the bed of a river, including installing culverts and bridges, building, placing or extending a structure or disturbing the bed (for example, taking gravel), you can:

To find out about on-site wastewater management, you can access:

Find out more about applying for resource consent here, or contact a Consents Planner.

If you would like to talk to Horizons about any aspect of the One Plan and how it might affect you and your property, farm or business, please contact Horizons.

Some of the rules in the One Plan require compliance with standards, codes of practice, regulations or other documents that are not printed in the plan itself – these are called ‘documents incorporated by reference’. Most of these documents can be accessed on Horizons’ website unless there are copyright restrictions that prevent this. Copies of all the documents are available at Horizons’ offices in Palmerston North and Whanganui, and can be made available at other locations if requested. Contact Horizons if you have any questions about a document incorporated by reference.

The One Plan has taken a number of years to develop and there was a great deal of technical and scientific information considered during this process. Significant reports and material from different stages of the process are available on the Documents that shaped the One Plan page.


Horizons is updating its website content about the One Plan and is adding new material about its implementation frequently. Web addresses have not changed as part of the updating process, but some pages have been removed.  Some of the fact sheets referred to on this page are not yet available and will be added as they are published. Please contact us if you are having difficulty accessing something you expected to find.

Last updated 15/12/2014