Water Hearing

End of Hearing - April 2010

Tracked Changes - Yellow version

End of Hearing Supporting Technical Reports

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Response to Questions Raised

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Material Presented at the Hearing

Please find listed below Horizons Regional Councils officers’ reports and documents, including the supplementary reports, that have been prepared for the upcoming water hearing.

Horizons Regional Council Supplementary Officers’ Reports - November 2009

View the Supplementary Evidence of:

Section 42A reports - September 2009

Overall water framework

Tracked Changes (showing changes proposed)

Water Quality

FARM Strategy

Surface Water Allocation

  • Ms Raelene Ellen Hurndell - The water allocation framework, setting minimum flows and allocation limits
  • Dr John William Hayes - Environmental flow assessment methods and use in forming policy
  • Mr Gordon William Stewart - Water demand management and efficient use
  • Mr Joseph Hay - Instream habitat modelling to inform minimum flows
  • Mr Brent David Watson - The provision of information in relation to hydrological flow statistics and application of analytical methods for the purpose of calculating river flows in catchments that do not have long-term continuous flow records


Beds of Rivers and Lakes