We are working on a new regional plan to guide the management of natural resources in our Region. It's called the One Plan because it weaves together the six separate plans and Regional Policy Statement we currently have into one easy-to-use document.
When the final One Plan is adopted it will provide us with an environmental roadmap, directing how we manage the Region's resources for the next 10 years. See our frequently asked questions about One Plan or our One Plan publications.

What stage is the One Plan at?

The Proposed One Plan Hearings have now finished. Below is an outline of when you can expect decisions to be released and a tentative timeline of the process from here:

Post Hearing - Tentative One Plan Timeline


Present Hearing panel deliberating and writing decisions
August 2010 Decisions publicly released
September/October 2010 Appeal period
November 2010 Appeal close
2011 Mediation/court dates set