Horizons Regional Council receives dozens of proposals every year. We have developed the Horizons Sponsorship Guidelines to assist in making our requirements clear to potential sponsorship seekers and to help sponsorship seekers present their proposals clearly.

View the full Sponsorship Guidelines.

Horizons Regional Council has limited resources available for sponsorship and has strict criteria for any applications to be considered.

We will NOT consider proposals in the following categories:

  • local sports organisations
  • charitable fundraisers
  • requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • events in areas outside our Region
  • religious activities
  • spot prizes or raffles
  • political candidates or organisations

The sponsorship process

We assess all sponsorship proposals to see if they fit our sponsorship guidelines. Proposals are considered on a case by case basis, and must be in writing to be considered.

Please read our guidelines before creating your sponsorship proposal, to see whether your opportunity matches our sponsorship goals. The guidelines also outline what information we need to see in a proposal.

Please send your sponsorship proposal to us by email to help@horizons.govt.nz or post it to:

The Communications Manager

Horizons Regional Council

Private Bag 11025

Manawatu Mail Centre

Palmerston North 4442