Getting people places

Rest easy guide

Your guide to minimising driver fatigue and enjoying the rest areas of the Central North Island

Regional Public Transport Plan (2011-21)

The purpose of the Plan is to specify how Horizons Regional Council will give effect to the public transport components of the Horizons Regional Land Transport Strategy 2010 (RLTS)

Capital Connection business case

The Capital Connection (CC) is an ‘inter urban’ regional rail service that provides an essential and affordable commuter transport link between Palmerston North and Wellington. Greater Wellington developed this business case in partnership with Horizons Regional Council to seek Central Government support for a shared funding model.

Get that gear out of your ear - a road safety message

Remember to share the road - a road safety message

Look about before stepping out - a road safety message

Intersections Brochure

Take a second look at intersections and help reduce our Region's crash rate.

Regional Land Transport Plan (2015-2025)

The Plan is a ten-year document. It sets out the strategic direction for land transport in the Horizons Region; states the regional priorities for the next ten-years; and outlines the proposed land transport activities.