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Moutoa sluice gates 50 year celebration

This publication was designed to celebrate 50 years of operation at the Moutoa sluice gates

Public Education Information Strategy 2009 - 2014

Stopbank Grazing Guidelines

Horizons Regional Council is committed to providing the wider community with the highest possible level of flood protection and is seeking your cooperation as an owner or occupier of land on which a stopbank is sited, with the implementation of these Stopbank Grazing Guidelines.


Civil Emergency - Storm and Flood Report - February 2004

Flood Protection Glossary

Keeping Palmerston North Dry

Keeping Wanganui Dry Newsletter

LM Flood Protection

Manawatu River and Tributaries Navigation and Safety Bylaw 2010

Moutoa Sluicegates

Moutoa Flood Gates

Recovery Manual


River Height Information - Automated Warnings - May 2010

Your flood warning system - 2010

Waterline Brochure - Lower Manawatu

Waterline Brochure - Northern Upper Manawatu

Waterline Brochure - Oroua Catchment

Waterline Brochure - Pohangina Catchment

Waterline Brochure – Rangitikei Catchment

Waterline Brochure - Southern Catchments

Waterline Brochure - Southern Upper Manawatu

Waterline Brochure – Turakina Catchment

Waterline Brochure - Whangaehu Catchment

Waterline Brochure - Whanganui Catchment

Manawatu-Wanganui Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan

This plan deals with oil spills in the coastal marine area under the jurisdiction of Horizons Regional Council and has been prepared to meet the requirements of the Maritime Transport Act 1994 and specifically Part 130C of the Marine Protection Rules.
It is closely aligned with the National Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan prepared by Maritime New Zealand as well as linking closely with the operational procedures of the Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group Plan for the Region. It also aligns with the internal Emergency Response Manual of Horizons Regional Council.
This plan details how a Tier 2 response operation is to be undertaken and focuses on Standard Operating Procedures for marine oil spills.

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Manawatu-Wanganui CDEM Group Plan 2009

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