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Every property owner in the Region contributes to the work of Horizons Regional Council through their rates. Those rates allow us to manage the Region’s natural resources now and into the future.

Your 2014-15 Rates explained


Our Your Rates Explained brochure offers a detailed summary of some of the key projects for the year ahead, so you can find out more about where your rates go. For those who live in the Wanganui district we have provided some additional information on the Lower Whanganui flood protection scheme and how that will affect your rates this year.

Make sure you don't miss a deadline by making note of key rates dates - pencil them in your calendar to help remind you later.

The Horizons Region is diverse and the hazards, pests and risks faced within it can vary from place to place, however most activities have some benefit to all in the community. For this reason, your rates bill is divided up over a variety of services that aim to benefit everyone, find out the breakdown of your rates and the different types of rates that Horizons has.

Do you know if you're eligiable for a discounts, refunds or rebates? Or do you want to learn more about penalties, privacy (name suppression) and online records? Have a browse through and keep yourself informed on all policies

Did you know remissions allow you to have a reduction in your rates - do you know if you qualify for a rates remission? Find out today.

Want to know what is meant by equalisation, or not sure what to do if you can't afford to pay your rates? Take a browse through our FAQs section for answers to all those tricky, sticky questions you're not quite sure about.

For information around rates classifications click here.

If you have questions, queries or any point of interest about your rates, please feel free to contact us and we will assit you as best we can.

About your rates invoice

As a Regional Council we are a completely separate organisation to your city/district council. City and district councils provide a range of community services in your area, whereas we manage natural resources such as land, water quality, coastal and habitat protection, flood protection, biosecurity, public transport and regional emergency management.

There are more than 106,000 ratepayers in the Horizons Region who contribute to the growth of the Region and everyone who owns a property in the Horizons Region will receive a rates invoice from us.

Our Region covers Ruapehu, Rangitikei, Wanganui, Palmerston North, Horowhenua, Tararua, Manawatu and parts of Taupo, Stratford and Waitomo districts.

We have been allocated specific responsibilities by the government and operate within strict legislative guidelines. We also actively consult with our communities to ensure that ratepayers’ wishes form part of plans. We take consultation seriously and operate a very transparent form of governance.