Regional House Horizons Regional Council 11-15 Victoria Avenue Palmerston North
Date & Time

Wednesday 11 December, 9:00 a.m.

This Committee consists of eleven Councillors and sits bi-monthly: Crs D Cotton(Chair), LR Burnell QSM (Deputy Chair), JJ Barrow, EB Gordon JP (ex Officio), RJ Keedwell, GM McKellar, NJ Patrick, PW Rieger QSO JP, BE Rollinson, JM Naylor, and WK Te Awe Awe. Its purpose is to:

  • Ensure the effective provision of river and drainage engineering services, and the effective provision of sustainable land use services to the region through appropriate performance monitoring and receipt of information;
  • Ensure effective liaison with territorial authorities, scheme/catchment liaison committees and scheme ratepayers;
  • Where delegated by Council, recommend finalised draft river and drainage scheme reviews and rating proposals to Council, taking due account of public submissions; and
  • Formulate recommendations to Council in relation to sustainable land management investments.