Frequently asked questions

When does the Massey/IPC/Summerhill timetable change?

Monday 15 February - Friday 2 April 2015: All services run (3 April and 6 April are Public holidays - Sunday services operate)

Monday 7 April - Thursday 17 April 2015:  White & pink services only

Monday 20 April - 20 June 2015:  All services run

Monday 22 June - Friday 10 July 2015:  White & pink services only

Monday 13 July - Friday 13 November 2015: All services run

Monday 16 November 2015 - Fri 12 February 2016:  White & blue services only

Weekend services operate to the same timetable all year round.  On public holidays services run to the weekend timetable, however there are no services on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and ANZAC Day. 

Do services run on public holidays?

No services run on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day or ANZAC Day.  On all other public holidays, services operate to the Sunday timetable in Palmerston North.

What does HOME ONLY mean?

The driver won’t be picking up passengers on the route, only dropping off.  These services depart from the Palmerston North Main St Terminal and drop passengers off at the stop nearest their destination.  The Home Only services are operated by two buses only and combine a number of routes, both buses leave from inside the Main Street Terminal.

Please note that these routes may take longer than 40 minutes depending on the number of passengers.

What is an Outer Terminal?

The Outer Terminal (OT) is a normal bus stop at the halfway point of the bus route.  The OT departure time should make it easier to estimate the time the bus stop will arrive at your stop.

Help!  I’ve left something on the bus, who do I contact?

Call Tranzit on (06) 355 4955.  Please note no responsibility will be accepted by Tranzit or Horizons Regional Council for lost property.

Buses are wheelchair accessible…..what does that mean?

Wheelchair accessible buses have low floors so you won’t have to climb steps to board.  They are easier to use for the elderly and anyone with limited mobility, including wheelchair users.  All buses in Palmerston North, Feilding and Wanganui are wheelchair accessible.

I’m a Massey/UCOL students or staff member…how do I catch the bus for free?

Simple, make sure you have your student or staff ID ready when you get on the bus.  Your ID means you can ride the Palmerston North services for free.  Massey students and staff must have an active smartcard in order to utilise the free travel scheme.  Free travel is only available within Palmerston North.

Only current internal students and staff based in Palmerston North can travel for free.