How to use this bus timetable

Using your timetable

  • Choose the time you wish to travel and please be at the stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. 
  • Board the bus, place your GoCard on the electronic reader or pay your cash fare and then tell the driver your destination.
  • Remember to take your ticket with you.
  • Push the bell as you approach your stop.

The example below shows the timetable for those catching the bus on the No.1 (Awapuni) or No.2 (Rugby) to the Main St Terninal.

Depart Main St Terminal Route to Outer Terminal Depart Outer Terminal Route to Main St Terminal Arrive Main St Terminal
Monday to Friday
6.40 1 6.55 2 7.15
Time bus leaves the Main St Terminal Colour coded number shows the route the bus follows to Outer Terminal Time bus leaves Outer Terminal
Colour coded number shows the route the bus follows to Main St Terminal Time bus arrives at Main St Terminal
  • Bus stops are shown on route maps as white dots.
  • Buses take approximately 30-35 minutes to complete each loop from and back to the Main St Terminal
  • When the bus reaches the Outer Terminal (the point where it begins its return journey to the Main St Terminal) it may pause briefly to make sure the service is not running ahead of schedule.

Click here for the Massey/IPC/Summerhill service timetable changeover dates

Horizons Regional Council plans and operates services according to the timetable but road conditions, traffic calming measures, special events and weather may cause delays.