Wanganui East route

*All bus services to Wanganui East are now operational.



Town to Wanganui East via BROWN route

Trafalgar Sq, Ridgway, Victoria, City Bridge, Anzac, Nile, Moana, Nixon, Raine, Ikitara, Wakefield, Hackett, Burton, Kepa, Tinirau, Hakeke, Holyoake, Eastown (OT), Rangitikei, Talbot, Anzac, Kiwi, Collingwood, Rangitikei, Poutini, Milton, Helmore, Boydfield, Moana, Jones, Anzac, City Bridge, Taupo, Trafalgar Sq.


Town to Wanganui East via GREEN route

Trafalgar Sq, Ridgway, Victoria, City Bridge, Anzac, Jones, Moana, Boydfield, Helmore, Poutini, Rangitikei, Collingwood, Kiwi, Anzac, Talbot, Rangitikei, Eastown (OT), Holyoake, Hakeke, Tinirau, Kepa, Burton, Hackett, Wakefeild, Ikitara, Raine, Nixon, Moana, Nile, Anzac, City Bridge, Taupo, Trafalgar Sq.


Depart town
(Trafalgar Sq)

     Route to Outer Terminal

Depart Wanganui East (OT)

Arrive Town
(Trafalgar Sq)

Monday to Friday

7.00 am

Brown Route

7.15 am

7.35 am

7.45 am

Brown Route

8.00 am

8.20 am

9.20 am

Brown Route

9.35 am

9.55 am

11.00 am

Green Route

11.15 am

11.35 am

12.00 pm

Green Route


12.35 pm

1.20 pm

Green Route

1.35 pm

1.55 pm

3.00 pm

Green Route

3.15 pm

3.35 pm

4.00 pm

Brown Route

4.15 pm

4.35 pm

5.10 pm

Green Route

5.25 pm

5.45 pm


10.00 am

Brown Route

10.15 am


1.00 pm

Brown Route

1.15 pm

1.35 pm

How to catch the bus

  • Find the time you need on the timetable
  • Check the direction of the bus by noting which coloured route is being followed first (either BROWN or GREEN), and matching this to the colour of the lines on the map.
  • Go to your closest bus stop in good time.
  • Signal the bus driver and pay as you get in.

From the town terminal in Trafalgar Sq  the bus begins a circular route. The BROWN route and the GREEN route, join together at Eastown Rd and make a loop circuit.

Services departing Trafalgar Sq on the BROWN route to Wanganui East will return to town on the GREEN route and vice versa.

You can catch the bus at any bus stop on the route and pay only one fare. The bus alternates the direction it travels around the loop, so there are bus stops on both sides of the road and you can get into town regardless of which direction the bus travels.

The timetable and bus routes are colour coded to make it easy to see which way the bus travels around the loop.

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