Regional Land Transport Programme

Our Region is a natural hub to promote a growing freight distribution sector. We want to support this growth while increasing passenger numbers on our local bus services, making improvements to road safety and encouraging more and more people to walk and cycle around our towns and cities. As national funding for transport activities is limited, it is crucial we have a clear vision for managing our transport system and promote our most important activities for funding.

Changes to the Land Transport Management Act 2003 have given a lead role to regional councils in regional transport planning and the Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP) 2012-15 contains all land transport activities of the District Councils in our Region (Wanganui, Manawatu, Rangitikei, Horowhenua, Ruapehu and Tararua) and Palmerston North City Council, the New Zealand Transport Agency (state highway division) and Horizons itself.

This important document sets out the transport activities the Region would like to put forward in hopes of obtaining funding from Central Government. The RTC has examined all the activities in the programme and determined its highest priorities.

The programme encompasses:

  • maintenance and operation of local roads and state highways;
  • roading improvements (local roads and state highways);
  • public transport services and infrastructure;
  • road safety activities;
  • walking and cycling facilities; and
  • transport planning

For more information on the activities included in the RLTP or on funding allocations for transport projects, please see the final RLTP document or contact us directly on 0508 800 800 or

If you would like further information on the specific details of a project, you should contact the organisation responsible for that project. This may be the District or City Council supporting it or the New Zealand Transport Agency (for state highway projects).