Regional Public Transport Plan

Horizons’ public transport services help people get from A to B within and between our Region’s cities and towns. The Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) sets the framework for how we provide and develop these transport services and infrastructure as a Region over the next 10 years.

Public transport services discussed in the RPTP include bus services, health shuttles and Total Mobility; a national scheme providing financial assistance by way of discounted taxi fares to those with disabilities or serious mobility constraints preventing them from using buses or other transport.

Submissions to the Regional Public Transport Plan closed in April. To view a summary of the submissions, please click here. All full submissions can be found under the 21 April agenda for the Passenger Transport Committee council meetings minutes and agendas tab

The Committee heard from submitters on Tuesday 21 April. These were considered in development of the final Plan. The Plan was formally adopted by the Regional Council on 19 May 2015 and is available to view here.