Be the Sober Driver and Take One for the Team!

Some ways to choose your sober driver for the night

  • Play 'paper, scissors, rock' loser is sober driver
  • Play 'guitar hero wars' loser is the sober driver
  • Whichever person has the least money in their pockets is the sober driver and receives money from the others to pay for the petrol
  • Who is slowest to skull a can of fizzy drink is the sober driver for the night
  • Spin the bottle - whoever the bottle lands on is the sober driver
  • Put everyone's name in a hat and whoever's name is drawn is the sober driver
  • Handstand competition - the first person to come out of their handstand is the sober driver
  • Press up competition
  • Play cards loser is sober driver
  • Texting race - everyone texts a message to a phone and the last text received by a person is the sober driver

Having a better night

The primary purpose of drinking with your mates is to have fun! Whether you are going to a party or hitting the night clubs there are a few things that you can do to enhance your night. Make sure you eat plenty of food through the night - this will help reduce the effects of alcohol. Make sure your sober driver has a good selection of alcohol free drinks; a lot of bars will now serve fruit cocktails without the alcohol.

Boredom is one of the main reasons that people drink too much so make sure you have plenty of things to keep you and your mates entertained, be it dancing at the night clubs, watching the game at a pub, or playing cards or computer games at your house. Remember to look out for each other, choosing your sober driver before you purchase your alcohol or start drinking is the best way to ensure you are safe and sorted for a great night!

How much alcohol can I drink and still be safe to drive?

Alcohol slows drivers' reactions and impairs judgement, vision and driving ability. If you drive with a blood alcohol level at the legal limit you are three times more likely to be involved in a crash than if you hadn't had a drink.

The current legal blood alcohol limit is 50 per 100ml of blood for adults aged 20 or over. There is no rule about how many drinks it takes to reach the limit as it depends on personal factors, for example height, weight, what you've had to eat and tiredness.The blood alcohol level for drivers under 20 years of age is zero.

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