River Height Information System

Horizons Regional Council operates a river height information system for anyone whose property may be affected in the event of high flows or flooding.

The river height data that we collect comes from river level recording sites located on the banks of your local rivers. These recording sites are equipped with one or more sensors, a data logger and communications equipment. The data is recorded every 15 minutes and transmitted back to a computer at our Palmerston North office, in most cases every 30 minutes.

Within a couple of minutes the data is then sent to our website and our interactive voice response system (IVR). When alarm levels are reached the IVR issues the notifications of river height to subscribers of the service.

Subscribers can set the level that they wish to receive the river height information and can choose to send the alert to more than one phone number if desired. To subscribe or find out more call 0508 800 800 or download the River Heights mail out.