Flood protection

Flood protection and land drainage are paramount to our role in keeping communities safe in our Region and forms a major part of our business. Managing rivers through engineering works allows us to help prevent floods and provide adequate land drainage where necessary.

The Operations Team at Horizons Regional Council is responsible for maintaining the river and drainage systems in the Manawatu-Wanganui region to minimise erosion and ensure optimum flood protection for our communities. Horizons currently manages 34 River and Drainage Schemes across our Region, maintains over 490 km of stopbanks, 1090 km of drains, 23 pumping stations and 53 dams.

Flood protection is funded through scheme rates based on the amount of protection benefit each ratepayer receives.

If a landowner is not in a designated scheme, Horizons can assist with environmental grants to complete relevant river engineering works.

To ensure people’s needs are met we take many things into consideration when programming works including type of use, level of flood protection needed, erosion control, disposal of waste products, native habitat protection, recreation, and spiritual values.

River and Drainage control involves some technical terms that many people are unfamiliar with. We have included a glossary to help people understand more about our work practices.

Part of our duty for flood protection is to monitor river heights and rainfall levels so that we can adequately protect our communities. This is done through our Waterline automated warning system and our River Heights and Rainfall service.

Our Waterline warning system is a 24-hour, freephone service which provides river height and rainfall information.

Using our Waterline brochures you can find out how to dial various sites to obtain updates on river height at any time - including during periods of heavy rainfall.

Scheme Liaison Committees

Scheme Liaison Committees were first established by Horizons Regional Council following the 1989 Local Government Reforms. The role of Liaison Committees in the overall operation of schemes is to provide practical and experience based feedback around a range of scheme issues.  The Committees are consulted in relation to scheme management challenges and proposed changes, and on funding and rating issues.  Their input to scheme audits is valued and they perform an essential consultation role in respect of the development of Asset Management Plans and in particular the setting of levels of service.  The Committees’ views and support are periodically sought in respect of any recommendation made to Council for unbudgeted expenditure requiring a drawdown of scheme reserves.


Your Scheme Chairperson and Contact Details






Michael Read

Akitio Scheme

06 374 3554


Will Findlay

Eastern Manawatu Scheme

06 374 1753

0274 850 331


Geoffrey Webb

Koputaroa Scheme

06 368 5870

0274 454 157

David  Wilkins

Lower Kiwitea Scheme

06 328 9737


Bryan Guy

Lower Manawatu Scheme

06 323 4189

0274 434 644


Warren Davidson

Mangatainoka Scheme

06 375 8364

021 781 950


Tony Moleta

Makerua Scheme

0274 429 175

Tony Collis

Manawatu Drainage Scheme

0274 426 641


Ron Parkin

Ohau-Manakau Scheme

06 368 8284

021 441 046


Kennedy Alward

Matarawa Scheme

06 342 4820

027 7237 888


Stuart Barber

Moutoa Drainage Scheme

06 363 8597

021 410 512


Shane Carroll

Pohangina-Oroua Scheme

06 329 4822

021 631 901


Bob Crawford

Porewa Scheme

06 327 6537


Roger Dalrymple

Rangitikei Scheme

06 322 1150

0274 532 400


Malcolm Cammock

South Eastern Ruahine Scheme

06 374 5574

0274 512 069


Barry Leslie

Taringamotu Scheme

07 895 5333


Graham Sinnamon

Taringamotu Scheme

07 895 6834

Trevor Smith

Te Kawau Scheme

06 329 7727


Patrick  O'Neill

Turakina Scheme

06 327 3760

0274 507 706


Lynne Sheridan

Tutaenui Scheme

06 327 5980


John Wheeler

Upper Manawatu/Lower Mangahao Scheme

06 376 8652

Graeme Cosford

Upper Whanganui River Scheme

07 895 7572


Jeremy Austin

Whangaehu-Mangawhero Scheme

06 342 7752

0274 524 215














































As our Scheme Liaison Committee members speak on behalf of you, the ratepayer, we would like to invite you to submit your contact details here, in order receive relevant River and Drainage Scheme communication notices.

If you are a current Scheme Liaison Committee member and would like to update your contact details, please click here.

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