The kaupapa of the Enviroschools programme is about the well-being of the whole school, community and ecosystem. Students and schools that are working towards sustainability play a significant role in creating sustainable communities by:

  • Role modeling sustainable practices.
  • Enabling students to be teachers among their families and peers.
  • Creating future leaders who understand how to make informed decisions and take action.

Early childhood centres, kura, primary, intermediate and secondary schools are all part of our Enviroschools network and each takes a slightly different journey. Integrating education for sustainability into the whole of school life creates learning opportunities and a range of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Environmental improvement,
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour,
  • Youth leadership,
  • Increased involvement of communities, and
  • Knowledge about a range of sustainability issues.
Want to begin your Enviroschools journey?

The first thing to do is to find out what it means to be an Enviroschool. Check out the Enviroschools website and discuss what is involved with your local Facilitator or Regional Coordinator. At this point a sample agreement can be provided for your information.

Next, discuss the programme fully with your staff and Board of Trustees. Decide where you want to start the programme, identify lead teachers who would be capable and willing to coordinate the programme in your school and register your interest with your Regional Coordinator.

The next step is to become a Friend of Enviroschools. As a Friend you can explore the programme, get to know the kaupapa and begin your journey. Once the school is ready to make the commitment and become an official Enviroschool speak with your Regional Coordinator to discuss and arrange the final application process and, if your school is accepted, you will be required to complete a support agreement.

Once your school becomes an Enviroschool you receive the support and guidance of a local facilitator and Regional Coordinator. Support includes regular school visits, ongoing advice on your Enviroschools journey and opportunities to share and learn from other Enviroschools in a supportive workshop environment. These workshops are held regularly.

Check out the national Enviroschools website www.enviroschools.org.nz for more information, or contact us to find out if Enviroschools is the right programme for your school.