Other providers and links

There are many other environmental education providers operating in our Region as well as other organisations and groups that you may find interesting or helpful, some of which are listed below. If you know of any that would be useful to have on this page, please email the information to education@horizons.govt.nz.



Awapuni Resource Recovery Park

The Resource Recovery Park has a comprehensive education centre for waste reduction and recycling located in Palmerston North. With a passionate environmental educator on hand to help guide you and an education room packed to the rafters with educational information and activites, get in touch today to find out more.


ph: 06 356 8199

email: going.greener@pncc.govt.nz



Bushy Park

A mainland island near Wanganui, with native habitat and species and an education centre. The sanctuary is a 100 hectare predator-free native bird sanctuary, set amongst one of the few patches of virgin lowland forest. Within the Bushy Park Sanctuary there are 3.4km of metalled or well-formed walking tracks throughout the forest providing easy all-weather access for visitors. Tree species include mahoe, mamaku, pukatea, rata, and rimu along with colonies of ferns and mosses. With a wide variety of birdlife thriving in the sanctuary, on your visit you will be able to see or hear species such as bellbirds, kereru, north island robin, saddlebacks, hihi, moreporks as well as the falcon, fantail, grey warbler, mallard, pukeko, silvereye, kingfishers, and white-faced heron. The sanctuary is home to some kiwi too. Bushy Park is a great outdoor classroom to explore environmental education themes and topics close to Wanganui.


ph: 027 295 0928 (Chairperson)

email: info@bushyparksanctuary.org.nz



Department of Conservation

DOC offers a number of education services from school visits, to site tours and planting days. DOC is also the driver behind Conservation Week with plenty of environmental activities available online to download.


Te Papaioea / Palmerston North Office           Whanganui Office

ph: 06 350 9700                                          ph: 06 349 2100

email: manawatu@doc.govt.nz                     email: whanganui@doc.govt.nz




A nationwide waste reduction and recycling education programme run using local educators

The Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust (EERST) is a community based, not-for-profit organisation that aims to work with preschools, schools, businesses and communities to create a more sustainable future. EERST runs environmental programmes and waste assessments for schools, councils and businesses; the Paper4trees Programme, the Water4schools Programme and the Energy4schools Programme.


ph: 0800 727 4873

email: info@eerst.co.nz



Environment Network Manawatu

ENM is a network that fosters and encourages environmental initiatives in the Manawatu, in areas ranging from sustainable living to wildlife conservation. The say great things happen when people are connected, and ENM is a way for everyday people to be a part of the solution to real and pressing environmental challenges.


ph: 06 355 0126

email: coordinator@enm.org.nz




The Enviroschools Foundation is a not-for-profit trust that supports children and young people to be active citizens, contributing to ecological regeneration and the creation of healthy, resilient and sustainable communities. There is a network reaching 240,000 children and young people through 30% of New Zealand’s schools and kura, with a growing participation from the early childhood sector. Overall, there is an estimated reach of 1 million people nationwide. Enviroschools is an action-based approach to education through which children and young people plan, design and implement sustainable projects and become catalysts for change in their families and the wider community.

Horizons Regional Council supports the Enviroschools Programme alongside Manawatu District Council, Wanganui District Council, Tararua District Council and the Ruahine Kindergarten Association.


ph: 07 959 7321

email: info@enviroschools.org.nz



Forest and Bird 

Formed in 1923, Forest & Bird has about 70,000 supporters in 50 branches that work on a variety of conservation activities, from re-forestation to lobbying, bird monitoring to weed-busting. Originally established to protect native forests and birds, their role has been extended in recent years to include protection of all native species and wild places – on land and in our oceans, lakes and rivers. Forest and Bird is a great organisation to see what is happening in the Region, how you can be involved and keep up to date with news and information. Click here to see what is happening in our Region.


ph: 04 385 7374

email: office@forestandbird.org.nz



Go Green at Home! For Kids and Adults

This is a great article by Andrea Davis that looks at simple ways to go greener at home. With a plethora of fantastic tips this article is well worth the read. If you're interested in making your home a greener place to live through recycling, composting, water conservation, energy conservation and cleaning supplies, have a nosey at some of the fantastic tips on offer. Big or small, it all makes a difference.


A big thank you to Morgan and Liz (all the way from the USA) for sharing this link - your research will certainly help others.



Gro Recycling: Feed your brain with this trash game

Gro Recycling is a fun educational game that teaches children about recycling and the process involved in taking a recyclable material and turning it into a new product. Players must "feed" the right recyclable material to the correct bin and then take the bin to the machine that will take that material and turn it into something new. Gro Recycling is an exciting educational game that does a great job of teaching children about recycling without requiring direction from parents as the characters do all of the work with their reactions to the different materials.


Explore the above link for more information on how the game works and where you can get it from.



Landcare Research 

Landcare Research’s core purpose is to drive innovation in the management of terrestrial biodiversity and land resources. They have great links, articles, sustainability ideas and resources you may find useful. Landcare Research are also the driving force behind the Garden Bird Survey


ph: 03 321 9999

email: info@landcareresearch.co.nz



Plant to Plate Aotearoa 

Plant to Plate is a community programme free to all primary schools across Palmerston North and neighbouring districts. They deliver a quality service led by teachers and assisted by experienced, enthusiastic volunteers who enjoy working with children.


ph: 06 358 3780

email: planttoplate@inspire.net.nz



Reuse This Bag: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Paper, Plastic and More!

This is a great article that looks at some facts around recycling and reusing plastics, reducing waste and conservation of energy and water. There are also some neat links to environmental awareness and conservation lesson plans for schools and classes to tap into. Have a nosey and see what inspires you to make a difference.


A big thank you to Chris and Abby for sharing this link. I hope you enjoy your assignment to come up with eco-friendly and sustainable ideas for your classroom to adopt - it certainly heartens me to know there are schools and students like you keen to make a difference. Your research will certainly help others to do the same.



Te Kete Ipurangi 

Te Kete Ipurangi – the online knowledge basket – is New Zealand’s bilingual education portal. An initiative of the Ministry of Education, it provides New Zealand schools and students with a wealth of information, resources, and curriculum materials to enhance teaching and learning, raise student achievement, and advance professional development for teaching staff and school managers.

TKI also allows you to search through the database for all schools within our Region. Click here to explore this part of TKI.

TKI also has links through to School Journals and Instructional Series. Click here to explore this part of TKI.


ph: 0800 858 525

email: help@tki.org.nz



Te Manawa

Palmerston North’s combined science centre, museum and art gallery. Te Manawa is new, innovative, different, open, flexible and modern. Te Manawa is a place of ideas, exhibitions, and collaborations. With free general admission and great education programmes on offer Te Manawa is well worth exploring.


ph: 06 355 5000

email: enquiries@temanawa.co.nz



Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre and Sustainable Whanganui

The WRRC is a one-stop shop for resource recovery and waste minimisation in the Whanganui District. It is also the home of the Sustainable Whanganui offices. Sustainable Whanganui offers the community comprehensive, useful and timely advice to become more self-sufficient and put Whanganui on the map for practical sustainability solutions.

www.wrrc.co.nz                            www.sustainablewhanganui.org.nz

ph: 06 348 7950                           ph: 06 345 6000

email: info@wrrc.co.nz                 email: sustainablewhanganui@gmail.com



What's for Lunch?

A curriculum-linked program for primary schools that has children exploring the food we eat, where it comes from, why it is good for us and most importantly - what it tastes like.

8 foods covered over 8 weeks with a new set of resources delivered to you digitially each week. There is a range of levels to suit different learning stages and suggestions are provided on weekly planning integration and curriculum unit planning. It empowers pupils and their families to make healthy food choices with activities and recipes designed to be carried out in the classroom (you don't need a school kitchen). It can build on any existing food education initiatives you already have running like a school garden or a breakfast club, and has interactive stories about New Zealand growers and farmers. Pricing per child helps make it affordable for all schools.


ph: 027 288 3171

email: amy@whatsforlunch.co.nz



Zero Waste Education 

The Zero Waste Education programme has been educating children about the topic of sustainable resource use since 1993 and is now taught in over 440 schools throughout New Zealand to students in years 1-8. This free Council programme enables children to investigate the link between the earth’s natural resources, the products they use and see around them and the resulting waste that pollutes our environment. This comprehensive programme consist of eight different units each focussing on a specific solution to our waste problem.


ph: 07 213 0710

email: office@zerowasteeducation.co.nz


Commercial Capital Training – Water Conservation

This link was submitted by a user all the way from Texas in the United States. While some of the information may not be applicable to a New Zealand audience, much of it is and it also contains links to some other great sites.