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Waiora Kit

Waiora is a teaching unit aimed at introducing the concept of stream health, how to measure it and how it can be impacted upon by humans. The kit contains a teacher's guide and equipment for calculating stream flow, temperature, clarity and carrying out a simple habitat survey. This kit is available to be loaned out to schools and is best demonstrated by one of our educators the first time it is used.

River Journey

River Journey is a story that follows a stream from its source to the sea. It aims to explain to students what pollution is, how a river gets polluted and asks questions as to what we can do to make it healthy again. River Journey is a hands-on activity that works best with student participation. We tailor the Journey to the age range and interests of the group and supply all the necessary equipment. It is best demonstrated by one of our educators.

What’s the Plan Stan?

What’s the Plan Stan is a resource developed by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management for teaching civil defence emergency management in schools. Involving students in an educational programme that focuses on disasters and emergencies will help them to prepare and give them the skills to act in a safe manner, if such a situation arises. Their increased awareness and understanding of the risks may also prompt their parents and families to be better prepared.

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The Guardians of the Mauri

Waitakere City Council and Te Kawerau a Maki Trust have developed 'The Guardians of the Mauri', an animated underwater adventure, as a classroom resource about life in an urban stream.

Two young fish are confronted by pollution from our urban lifestyles as they swim upstream to find Te Awhiorangi, the taniwha. Also provided in Maori as 'Nga Kaitiaki o Te Mauri' the story challenges viewers to realise that they have a part to play to protect local streams.

Enviroschools - Learning for a Sustainable World

This DVD shows how the Enviroschools process works in schools and their communities. Students and teachers from eight Enviroschools contributed their stories showing a rich variety of approaches. A bonus disk is included - A Solution to an Inconvenient Truth - which is a case study of three Enviroschools in the Auckland regionan early childhood centre, a primary school and secondary school.

Enviroschools - He Pae Korero

He Pae Korero - Short Stories Presents the Māori aspects of the Enviroschools Programme through performance and story-telling. There are 13 stories in total, each story approximately 3 to 7 minutes in duration. The DVD is designed for use with the Kit by schools registered with the Enviroschools Programme.

Kids Can! Song and Lyrics

An environmental empowerment song for young people around the world and Sir Peter Blake Ambassador’s environmental messages. You CAN do something to protect our environment.

Wa$ted! Save Your Planet, Save Your Cash

Wa$ted! proves that you don’t have to be extreme to be green. This entertaining series is full of tips and hints to help reduce our impact on the planet and save on household bills.

Te Kereu Discovery Project – DVD and CD ROM

New Zealand’s beautiful native wood pigeon, the kereru, is declining and needs your help. The Kereru Discovery Project will show you how your garden can make a vital difference to the survival of this threatened species. The DVD features the natural and cultural history of this native treasure. Beautifully narrated this visually stunning documentary is recommended for all. The CD Rom is a fun, educational and interactive disk that has great free-to-use images as well as the award winning Urban Jungle Game that allows players to plant kereru friendly trees, control possums and see how they score in attracting a breeding pair of kereru to their garden.

Biodiversity 911

A claymation story about the plight of several of the world’s threatened animals set in a hospital emergency room (25 minutes).

Lessons from a Melting Ice Cap

A film designed to empower New Zealand secondary students to take action around climate change issues. Made by 3 Dunedin girls in 2007, see how young people like YOU in New Zealand can start to tackle issues of climate change.

Check, Clean, Dry

A DVD that looks at didymo; what it is, why it is a problem, and how to prevent it.

Our Green Roadie

A documentary about New Zealanders caring for the environment in practical ways. It features a great line-up of ordinary New Zealanders showcasing their ‘green’ initiatives and achieving great results for their families, businesses and of course the environment.

Our Green Roadie is a compilation of stories shared by 50 families and business people throughout NZ, from individual households to large enterprises. These people have chosen to live and work in environmentally 'greener' ways and to place a high value on people and the planet as resources to nurture, not trash!

Award winning NZ film maker Emma Heke and her young son travel New Zealand gathering these stories to showcase the diversity of 'green' things happening in NZ. It's quirky, real and from the heart! An overview is revealed through 50 families with snapshots and stories shared. Very 'ordinary' people have been chosen with a mainstream audience in mind, dispelling myths that only 'strange, alternative people' live this way. The film layout is a geographical journey sharing stories and snapshots. The film’s makers aim is for everyone to identify with a least one family and to consider making some changes in their own lives to live their dreams for a better world, now!

This is also available for purchase $24.99 + postage

The Legend of Mauao

The Legend of Mauao is a fabulous retelling of an old Maori legend by the tamariki at Papamoa Kindergarten. Mauao, or what is more commonly known as Mount Maunganui, is a fantastic retelling of how the mountain got its name. This interpretation and production was first and foremost inspired by their children's love of local Maori legend. The inspiration certainly did not stop there! Production costumes were inspired by the World of Wearable Arts (WOW) and designed and created using things like packaging, broken umbrellas, feathers, natural resources, pencil cases, pool noodles; to name just a few! It was made in their very own Kindergarten costume workshop by parents, teachers and, of course, the children.

The making of this DVD has provided all children with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the legend and strengthen their love and connection with their own place in Aotearoa. As a bonus, it has also enabled them to be part of a cast involved in a real life movie making experience! This has really been a community supported prduction with help from parents, teachers, children from our own Kindergarten as well as students and teachers at Papamoa College for their technical and digital support.

This is also available for purchase from Papamoa Kindergarten.

Ours DVD

OURS DVD is a Green Ribbon 2011 Award-winning NZ Nature DVD encouraging conservation and care through 55 informative topics about our native creatures, interesting land areas and children engaged in environmental care. The alphabetic structure, gentle pace, narration and ‘real’ doco-style filming encourage children to learn about the wonders of New Zealand in a natural way that leads to further questioning and research. Your child will have the opportunity to explore parts of our precious land, connect with many different creatures – some very rare – and understand conservation ideas. It has friendly narration that respects children’s intelligence and is an excellent education resource for 2 - 7 year olds and their families.

Content List:

  1. Ancient – Autumn
  2. Bees- Bush – Butterfly
  3. Caterpillar – Compost
  4. Dolphin
  5. Eels – Endemic (birds) – Experiment
  6. Flax – Fungus
  7. Gecko – Geothermal – Goat
  8. Harrier Hawk – Heron – Hoiho
  9. Ideas – Island
  10. Journey
  11. Kakapo – Kauri – Kauri snail – Kiwi
  12. Landfill
  13. Mangroves – Market – Money – Moon
  14. Native (birds) – Nest
  15. Orca – Organic (gardening)
  16. Papermaking – Pudding (for birds)
  17. Quarry
  18. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle
  19. Sea Lion – Seals – Shags – Spiderwebs – Streamcare
  20. Tuatara
  21. Upcycling
  22. Vermiculture – Volcanoes
  23. Waterfall – Weather
  24. X-ray
  25. Yellowhammer
  26. Zero-waste

This is also available for purchase $9.99 + postage

Our Creative Children

This DVD is designed to inspire Children (and parents/teachers) everywhere! To encourage ideas and imagination; to explore creativity and art. With the Natural Environment in all its magnificience as inspiration, Our Creative Children introduces 8 art concepts (line, contrast, camouflage, 3D, reflection, colour, shape and texture) and a wealth of ideas and guidelines to promote creative exploration and experimentation. It has friendly narration that respects children’s intelligence and is an excellent education resource for 2 - 10 year olds and their families.

This is also available for purchase $9.99 + postage

Developing a Sustainable Environment in Early Childhood Education

Green-Gold enviroschool St James Kindergarten has made a wonderful DVD that shares their journey along the sustainability pathway. The DVD showcases how sustainability practices are embedded in the kindergartens everyday life, from water awareness, gardening, composting, reusing and recycling.

This is also available for purchase through St James Kindergarten, now Grey Lynn Kindergarten - 09 378 6941


Cloak of Protection Game

The New Zealand / Aotearoa Conservation Card Game. Whether any animal on our beautiful planet has a future is determined by how it can respond to the environmental cards dealt out by the cold & sweeping hand of fate. For thousands of years in isolated New Zealand / Aotearoa our largest browsers and predators were birds. Then around 1280AD, everything changed. New predators arrived, and they swept the birds before them. To save our birds, you need to create a feather cloak in one bird realm: forest, settlement, sea, or extinct. Trade, draw and play to build a 15-card triangle-shape cloak. But whenever you pick up a predator card, your birds are in danger! There are cards you can play that keep the predators at bay and ways to draw more cards. You cannot save everything – so can you still make a feather cloak?

This is also available for purchase $35 + postage.