Submissions for the Proposed Animal Management strategy are now closed. If you wish to see the submisssions or view the hearing schedule please contact James Lambie on 0508 800 800 or email

Did you know, a single possum chomps its way through about 300 grams of vegetation per sitting? This means in total about 21,000 tonnes of our native and exotic vegetation is destroyed every night.

Horizons believes managing pest animals is vital to help protect agricultural and horticultural production and native flora and fauna in our Region.

For those pest animals (like the possum) which have a detrimental impact on either production or biodiversity values, a regionally focused control programme is necessary.

Under the Biosecurity Act (1993), Horizons produces and implements a Regional Pest Animal Management Strategy. Our role under the strategy is to prevent the incursion of new animal pests and sufficiently manage those already established.

Our current strategy for pest animals includes control objectives for rooks, possums and rabbits. It also includes 15 other species that we monitor or provide control advice for.

Regional Pest Management Strategies are required under the Biosecurity Act to be reviewed every five years. Our Pest Animal Management Strategy is currently under review and a Proposed Strategy will be notified for public submission later this year.

View the Regional Pest Animal Management Strategy (RPAMS) Opertional Plan.

Got a problem with a pest animal?

Our pest management role includes providing advice to the public. If you are having problems with pest animals we can offer advice on control options, and in some cases we can provide traps.

Please contact us for more information or see our A-Z of Pest Animals.