Air quality standards

The Proposed One Plan

Our One Plan is a consolidated Regional Resources Plan which combines all of our previous plans into one.

Chapter 8 in our Proposed One Plan explains our rules to combat issues of backyard burning, rubbish fires, and spray drift and odour in rural areas.

In addition to the One Plan we have an operative Regional Air Plan (January 1999) to manage and improve the air quality in the region.

National Standards

To protect the health of all New Zealanders Central Government introduced a National Standard in September 2004 to manage air quality. In keeping with these Standards, our monitoring programme is mainly focused on particulate matter because, in the winter, concentrations of fine particles in a few locations in the Region breach the National Standard. These areas, called airsheds, are in the Central North Island where altitude, topography and meteorology combined cause inversions that trap fine particles on cold still nights.

The Users Guide to Resource Management (National Environmental Standards Relating to Certain Air Pollutants, Dioxins and Other Toxics) Regulations provides a guide to the standards addressing dioxins and other toxics, ambient air quality, the woodburner design standard, and the control of greenhouse gases at landfills.

For more detailed information on air quality have a look at our air quality publications or contact us.

To see what Central Government is doing to improve air quality visit Ministry for the Environmentwebsite.