Compliance monitoring

Our work involves:

  • carrying out inspections of activities with resource consents to ensure compliance with conditions
  • assisting with applications for new resource consents
  • responding to and investigating environmental pollution incidents
  • investigating and prosecuting when there is breach of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

Consent inspections/applications

We assist farmers and industries to obtain resource consents by carrying out site inspections and offering advice to ensure compliance with the RMA. Once a consent has been issued, inspections are carried out to ensure all the conditions of the consent are met. This type of monitoring applies to both industrial and rural properties and for the following types of consents: water takes, discharges to land or water, discharges to air, placement of structures in watercourses, and earthworks. View the gravel extraction return form.

There are fixed charges for these inspections.

For rural properties:

Inspections fee for non-complying consents

Type of non-compliance #3 Per Inspection Charge 2008-2009

Standard Non-Compliance $600
Significant Non-Compliance $1200

Note: There may be additional charges relating to sample analysis, preparation and reporting time.

Information on how to apply for resource consent.

Environmental incidents

We are on-call 24 hours to respond to environmental pollution incidents and complaints relating to environmental nuisance. We assist clean up of potential threats to the environment caused by spills and accidents. Freephone 0508 800 800 24 hours a day to report pollution incidents. We have a series of spill kits on stand-by at all times and these are rolled out whenever a waterway or sensitive area is threatened by an environmental pollution event.

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