Manawatu District Council - Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant

Joint Hearing information

The Joint Hearing will cover the discharge (air, land and water) and land use (disturbance) consent applications made to Horizons Regional Council and the notice of requirement and alteration of designation application made to Manawatu District Council (Consents) relating to the treatment and disposal of treated wastewater from the Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

Scheduled hearing date and time

Hearing venue

Hearing Status


Tuesday 12 August - Friday 18 August 2014

9:00 am - 5:00 pm each day


Monday 25 August - Friday 29 August 2014

10:00 am start on Monday 25 August 2014 and

9:00 am - 5:00 pm each day

Order of Proceedings

Palmerston North Convention Centre

354 Main Street

Palmerston North

Hearing is adjourned

Draft Consent Conditions from the Hearing Panel

Memorandum from the Hearing Panel to Participants - Draft Conditions, 22 September 2014

Notice of Requirement Draft Conditions

Air Discharge Draft Conditions

Drainage Earthworks Draft Conditions

Groundwater Permit Draft Conditions

Land Irrigation Draft Conditions

Sludge Discharge Draft Conditions

River Bed Works Land Use Draft Conditions

Stormwater Draft Conditions

Water Permits Rearranged Order of Conditions

Water Permits Draft Conditions

Consent application information

To download a copy of the resource consent application by the applicant click here.

Hearing Correspondence

To download a copy of the correspondence related to the commencement of the hearing please click on any of the links below.

Memorandum from the Hearing Panel to Participants - 3 June 2014

Memorandum from the Hearing Panel to Participants - 20 June 2014, expert witness conferencing

Memorandum from the Hearing Panel to Participants - 6 August 2014, pre-hearing matters

Letter received from Legal Counsel for Water and Environmental Care Association (WECA), dated 31 July 2014

Memorandum from the Applicant Legal Counsel, dated 1 August 2014

Late Submission received from Mr F MacDoanld, dated 1 August 2014

Late Submission received from Mr R Ketu on behalf of Te Roopu Taiao O Ngati Whakatere, dated 4 August 2014 

Memorandum from Applicant Legal Counsel, dated 5 August 2014

Expert Witness Conferencing Joint Statements

To download a copy of the Expert Witness Conferencing Joint Statements please click on any of the links below.

Expert Witness Conferncing Joint Statements - Land, Groundwater, Noise and Water Quality

Expert Witness Conferencing Joint Statement - RMA Planning

Memorandum to Expert Witness Conferencing Joint Statement for Water Quality - K McArthur for The Catalyst Group

Expert Witness Conferencing Joint Statement - Air Quality

Expert Wintess Conferencing Joint Statement - Ecology

Pre-Hearing Report

s99(5) Pre-Hearing Report of Phillip Hindrup

Horizons Regional Council and Manawatu District Council (Regulartory) Officers Reports

s42a Land Report - Dr D Horne

s42a Water Quality Report - L Brown

s42a Air Quality Report - A Curtis

s42a Groundwater Report - T Baker 

s42a River Engineering Report - J Bell

s42a Compliance History Report - R Rose

s42a Manawatu Accord Report - M Clark and Appendix A

s42a Noise Report - M Hunt 

s42 Planning Report - J Mitchell and A Harris

Planning Report Appendix A - Summary of Applications

Planning Report Appendix B - List of Submitters

Planning Report Appendix C - Summary of Submissions

Planning Report Appendix D - Land Conditions 

Planning Report Appendix E - Water Discharge Conditions

Planning Report Appendix F - Air Quality Conditions

Planning Report Appendix G - Groundwater Conditions

Planning Report Appendix H - River Engineering Conditions

Planning Report Appendix I - Earthworks Conditions

Planning Report Appendix J - Stormwater Discharge Conditions

Planning Report Appendix K - NOR Conditions

Manawatu District Council (Infrastructure Group) Applicant's Evidence

Hamish Waugh

Robert van Bentum

Shayne Harris

Andrew van Bussel

Hugh Wilde

Tony Davoren

Steve Green

Helen Rutter

Jim Crush

Rob Lieffering

Kirstie Thorpe

Paul Heveldt

David Black

Nigel Lloyd

Olivier Ausseil

David Cameron

Peter Clough

John Turnbull

Submitter Expert Witness Evidence

Water Quality and Aqucatic Ecology - Kate McArthur for The Catalyst Group

RMA Planning - Greg Carlyon for The Catalyst Group

Manawatu District Council (Infrastructure Group) Applicant's Supplementary Evidence

Helen Rutter supplementary evidence

Adam Forbes, ecology evidence in chief

David Cameron supplementary evidence

Robert van Bentum supplementary evidence

Draft Conditions Combined Set as Tabled at the Joint Hearing - NOW SUPERSEEDED

Draft conditions set - cover statement

Appendix D - Land Conditions

Appendix E - Water Discharge Conditions

Appendix F - Air Quality Conditions

Appendix G - Groundwater Conditions

Appendix H - River Engineering Conditions

Appendix I - Earthworks Conditions

Appendix J - Stormwater Discharge Conditions

Appendix K - NOR Conditions

Tabled Evidence during the Joint Hearing

Opening legal submissions on behalf of MDC

Figure 1.2 showing net irrigation area and proposed buffer areas

Map supplied by Horizons showing all permits for surfacewater abstraction in the Oroua catchment

Memo from Jasmine Mitchell, Andrea Harris & John Turnbull attaching amended draft conditions 

Statement of evidence of Peter Blackwood

Letter from Malcolm Hunt Associates to Andrea Harris

Supplementary statement of evidence of Shayne Harris

Measured groundwater in monitoring wells MW6 and MW12 on 11.08.14

Land Contact Options (March 2013) presented by MDC to  Ngati Kauwhata

Amended draft Land Application Management Plan dated August 2014

A3-sized cross-section illustrating proposed buffer planting prepared by Kirstie Thorpe

Bore water levels as modelled by Dr Helen Rutter

Dr Green’s supplementary SPASMO model outputs comparing deficit irrigation with ‘relaxed deficit irrigation’

MDC 2007 report on options prepared by MWH

Table referencing the relevant experts to the proposed conditions

Ministry for the Environment Hazardous Activities and Industries List

Updated Table 1 of Maree Clark’s evidence clarifying works undertaken in the Oroua Catchment in implementing the Manawatu River Leaders Accord

Aquanet Model calibration and goodness of fit (upstream/downstream DRP and SIN) supplied by Dr Ausseill

Joint statement of Dr Helen Rutter and Tim Baker

- Air Conditions

- Earthworks Conditions

- Groundwater Conditions

- Land Conditions

- NOR Conditions

- River Engineering Conditions

- Stormwater Conditions

- Water Conditions

Joint statement of Dr Paul Heveldt and Andrew Curtis

MDC’s breakdown of costs of WWTP improvements undertaken to date

Status of monitoring bores in the vicinity of the WWTP and proposed irrigation area

Folder containing MDC meeting reports and minutes detailing reasons for MDC’s selection of WWTP upgrade + land irrigation

Submission of Alistair Beveridge

Statement of Ian Ritchie

Statement of evidence of Dennis Emery

Statement of evidence of Sir Mason Durie

Overhead presentation on behalf of Ngati Kauwhata

Written statement of Stacy Tahere on behalf of Wellington Fish and Game’s submission

Presentation made by Nicci Simpson, Dr Jim Wilson and Mervyn Avery on behalf of the Neighbouring Property Owners and Residents Group

Statement of Mrs Nicci Simpson on behalf of the Simpson family

Submission notes of Mr Martin Wilson

Submission of Dr Jim Wilson

Mr Mervyn Avery’s handouts

Clarification by Dr Helen Rutter of supplementary groundwater modelling (attaching two A4 maps showing modelled groundwater contours and seasonal pattern of groundwater)

Joint statement of Dr David Horne and Hugh Wilde re supplementary model outputs

Joint statement of Jon Bell, Peter Blackwood and Robert van Bentum re proposed conditions for stormwater discharge permit 107072 and land use consent 1046946

Supplementary statement of Greg Carlyon

A3 plan showing 15-metre-wide buffer around the area of indigenous trees in the centre of the proposed irrigation area

Mr Mervyn Avery’s pamphlet describing soil management

Statement of claim to the Waitangi Tribunal by Ngati Kauwhata ki te Tonga

Second memorandum for Ngā Kaitiaki o Ngāti Kauwhata Inc. on Korero Tuku Iho

Ngā Kaitiaki o Ngāti Kauwhata Strategic Planning Approach (2014)

Written statement of Michael Smith on behalf of Water and Environmental Care Association Incorporated

George and Christina Paton Submission

Supplementary statement of evidence of Jasmine Mitchell

ARI curves describing the rainfall events between 4th and 9th September 2010

Supplementary report of Andrea Harris

Written statement of John Bent

New Zealand Guidelines for Utilisation of Sewage Effluent on Land (on loan from Horizons)

Dr Jim Wilson’s hand-drawn map showing approximate location of tile drains on his Boness Road property (+ A3 aerial photograph attachment further clarifying the locations)

Tabled statements of Hayley Bell, Milton Rauhihi (Chair Moutuiti Marae Komiti) and Pātaka Moore in support of the submission by Ngati Whakatere

Written statement of Chris Teo-Sherrell on behalf of the Water Protection Society

Guidelines for the Safe Application of Biosolids to Land in New Zealand pt1

Guidelines for the Safe Application of Biosolids to Land in New Zealand pt2

Supplementary statement of Andrew Curtis

Location of dwellings - spray drift effects

Email Andrew Curtis to Jasmine Mitchell

Email Andrew Curtis to Kathryn Hunt and Jasmine Mitchell

Draft wording for conditions addressing the lining of storage ponds

MDC’s financial commitment to inflow and infiltration programme

Reply submissions of counsel for MDC

Reply submissions of counsel for MDC

Email Dr Helen Rutter to Shay Schlaepfer

Draft Conditions as at 18 August 2014 - NOW SUPERSEEDED

It was agreed, prior to the adjournment of the hearing on Friday 15th August 2014, that the applicant’s advisers would work together with the MDC and Horizons regulatory teams over the weekend and today (Monday) to generate a set of DRAFT conditions reflecting the progress of discussions and evidence so far during the hearing.  The purpose of the attached set of DRAFT conditions is to set out clearly for all parties the proposed conditions that are agreed or disagreed between the applicant/requiring authority and the MDC/Horizons regulatory teams.  The attached DRAFT conditions are exactly that – they are drafts that have been produced by the planners representing MDC/Horizons regulatory teams and the applicant as a basis for discussion at the hearing.  The attached DRAFT conditions do not represent the conclusions of the Panel.   The Panel has had an opportunity to review the draft conditions and has added some questions to highlight matters that do not seem to reflect the evidence presented to date.  Submitters who intend to present statements to the re-convened hearing (in the week beginning 25th August 2014) will be able to consider the attached agreed and disagreed draft conditions in preparing their presentations for the re-convened hearing.  

Notice of Requirement DRAFT Conditions

Air Discharge DRAFT Conditions

Drainage Earthworks DRAFT Conditions

Groundwater Permit DRAFT Conditions

Land Discharge DRAFT Conditions

River Bed Works and Land Use DRAFT Conditions

Stormwater DRAFT Conditions

Water Permits DRAFT Conditions

Further Enquiries

Please contact Kathryn Hunt on 0508 800 800 or via email if you have any questions.