Shannon Wastewater Treatment Plant - Hearing Evidence

Hearing evidence

To download a copy of the evidence circulated prior to the hearing please click on any of the links below:

Officer Reports (section 42a)

S42A Planning Report Leana Shirley 20120309

S42A Planning Report Leana Shirley Correction Memo 20120316

S42A Technical Report Logan Brown 20120309

S42A Technical Report Greg Bevin 20120309

S42A Technical Report Deborah Ryan 20120309

S42A Technical Report Alastair Broughton 12-03-07 Final

Applicant Expert Evidence

Evidence of John Turnbull 20120319

Evidence of Wallace Potts 20120319

Evidence David Cameron 20120319

Evidence Ian Rowden 20120319

Evidence Mark Gyopari 20120319

Evidence Grant Upchurch 20120320

Submitter Pre-circulated Evidence:

Ian Gates 20120327


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