Cost of processing your consent

The cost of processing your resource consent will vary depending on the activity you want to carry out, its technical complexity (how much science is involved), and whether the environmental effects lead to the application needing to be publicly or limited notified (the more people affected by the proposal the more it will likely cost). 

For all applications, a lodgement fee needs to be paid to get things moving.  Below is a table showing the lodgement fee required to accompany your application.  Please note that the lodgement fee is not the total cost of processing your application.  Any additional costs will be charged depending on the time taken to finish the process. 

Application Lodgement Fee (incl GST)
Certificate of Compliance $885.50
Change or cancellation to consent conditions $885.50
Coastal Permits $885.50
Dairyshed Discharge to Land $1,012
Dairyshed Discharge to Land change or cancellation to consent conditions $870
Discharge to Air $885.50
$1,150 (odour)
Discharge to Land $885.50 (one effluent type)
$1,150 (more than one effluent type)
Discharge to Water $1,150
General Application $885.50
Gravel Extraction $1,667.50
Ground Water take for stock water $908.50
Ground Water take for irrigation $1,863
Ground Water take - other $885.50
Land Disturbance / Vegetation Clearance $885.50
Surface Water take for stock water $977.50
Surface Water take for irrigation $1,207.50
Surface Water take - other $885.50
Works in Waterbody $920
Limited Notified and Notified applications $4,025 (fixed charge of $25,300 applies)
Drill/Construct or Alter a Bore $320

Please note that you may be charged for actual and reasonable costs associated with the processing of your application.

Special information for Full and Limited Notified applications

Full and Limited Notified applications require significantly more time and input from technical staff to process. As such the costs of processing these applications are much higher than non-notified applications.  Therefore to process these applications, Horizons require a Fixed Fee of $25,300.00 (incl GST).  If the total cost of processing your application falls short of this amount, you will be reimbursed the difference.  Alternatively if costs go above this amount Horizons will seek to recover these costs.  For the more complex applications which face strong opposition from the public, costs will exceed $25,300.00 (incl GST). 

Horizons are well aware that these costs are significant and are often the deciding factor of whether an applicant chooses to proceed with their application.  This is why we strongly encourage you to come and discuss your application with us as early as possibly so we can give you advice on whether your application may be notified, limited or non-notified.  This will give you some idea of what the costs may be thereby allowing you to decide if you wish to proceed with your activity.