Over half our Region’s land is hill country and, in an economy defined by agriculture, it is vital to manage this land sustainably.

Horizons' land management work focuses on reducing erosion, protecting soil health and managing dune lands, with a key focus on preventing accelerated erosion in our fragile hill country.

To carry out this work we get involved in research and monitoring, advice and information, funding and incentives, the development of voluntary Whole Farm Plans (WFPs), and specific work programmes for the Region’s hill country and within the Whanganui catchment area.

Our Region’s vulnerability to hill country erosion were sorely exposed during the February 2004 storm. The aim of our Sustainable Land Use Initiative (SLUI) and our WFPs is to  provide incentives to change land use and to ensure the region is protected against future adverse weather events.

If you would like to discuss options for your farm contact one of our Land Management Officers.

The One Plan

The One Plan is a consolidated Regional Resources Plan which combines all of our previous plans into one.

The One Plan generally allows cultivation, forestry, land disturbance and vegetation clearance as a permitted activity provided certain standards are met. Standards include providing set backs from watercourses and wetlands and avoiding areas of indigenous biodiversity.

If cultivation, vegetation clearance or land disturbance is taking place on land with a slope over 20 degrees, resource consent will be needed. The consent process is simple and at no cost provided the risk of sediment getting into water or wetlands is low. Factsheets in the links above will help you understand how to meet the permitted activity conditions and how to apply for a consent if you need one. Land Management Officers have been tasked to work with the rural sector to help with sensible, practical implementation of the rules.

For more information, contact your local Land Management Officer or email

Last updated 15/12/2014