Our roles and goals

Our Region’s native habitats are being threatened by various land use practices, water pollution levels, pest plants and pest animals.

Wetlands and lowland forest habitats are particularly depleted, and those that are left are fragmented and poor quality.

Our wetlands programme identifies the top 100 wetlands that we need to protect.

We aim to restore significant habitats with research and monitoring, pest plant and pest animal control, funding assistance, and specific work programmes for bush remnant and wetland enhancement.

For information on the Manawatu Estuary Management Plan click here.

For more information on the preservation of natural character of wetlands, lakes, rivers and their margins read the Revised Regional Wetland Inventory and Prioritisation report and the wetland inventory maps that accompany the report.

The One Plan

Our One Plan is a consolidated Regional Resources Plan which combines all of our previous plans into one. The One Plan contains rules that will stop the destruction of rare, threatened and at risk habitats.

Chapter 6 in the One Plan explains our objectives, rules and policies relating to native habitats.

Last updated 15/12/2014