Our role and goals

Managing our waterways has become a complex balancing act. We must balance our desire to use water resources with a responsibility to ensure they can sustain our recreational use and their ‘slippery’ inhabitants.

We use an integrated management approach to manage water quantity and quality issues for both surface water (rivers, streams and lakes) and groundwater. Our compliance monitoring process was recently described as "robust" and "fair" in a report by the Office of the Auditor General, but we must keep working together to maintain and enhance water quality right across the Region.  

Water quantity or demand

The problem: our demand for finite ground and surface water resources is growing, and in places demand exceeds supply.

Our goal is to manage this key resource so that its unique values are not compromised; this includes establishing management zones, reviewing water allocation limits and establishing minimum flows in rivers.

Water quality

The problem: Some lakes and rivers in the Region have declined to a point where it is risky to swim or gather food, and aquatic life is being affected.

Our goal is to improve water quality in our Region. Through the One Plan we are targeting point source (end of pipe) pollution and non-point source pollution with new standards for discharges to water and septic tanks, and nutrient management on intensive farms. 

Chapter 5 of the One Plan relates to water management in our Region and includes our objectives, policies and methods.

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Last updated 15/12/2014