Safe swim spots

Horizons Regional Council reports water quality at popular swimming spots in the Region each summer season. There are three ways to check your favourite swim spot’s water quality:

  1. If you want the overall grading and general advice about swim spots visit our grading page
  2. For the most recent results of spots monitored this year see our 2013/2014 monitoring results
  3. Ring Waterline to check your favourite swimming spot – please note this is only available for some sites.                                                                                     

Horizons also checks blue-green algae levels at popular recreational lakes, for more information see Safe Lake Horowhenua.

Our Region is home to many popular swimming spots which provide fantastic places to cool off when conditions are right. At the same time it's important to remain mindful of risks presented by swimming in a natural environment and keep an eye out for sunken logs, rocks and river bank trees that could present a hazard.