Water Metering

Horizons’ role in water resource management is to ensure that water is allocated efficiently, and that the environment does not suffer negative impacts as a result of water abstraction from rivers, streams and aquifers.

Timely and accurate water use information is key to understanding water demand in our region, enabling sound resource management decision-making.

Getting a good quality, appropriate water meter correctly installed will help ensure that your water use data is accurate and representative of your water abstraction, as well as enabling you to monitor your compliance with your Resource Consent conditions and meet the requirements of the National Regulations on Water Use Measurement and Reporting.

Water Meter Installation and verification

Your consent may require that you install a water meter on your abstraction line. Horizons requires that you have the installation and verification completed by a person or company that is accredited under the Irrigation NZ Blue Tick Accreditation Programme. This should not only ensure that your meter will be accurately measuring your water use, but that the installation will be completed to a professional standard and meet all the conditions of your consent and the National Regulations on Water Use Measurement and Reporting.

Show your installer and verifier your resource consent conditions – they will understand the technical details and should ensure that your installation meets these requirements.

Information on Blue Tick Accredited Installers in the Lower North Island can be found on the Irrigation NZ website and a list can be obtained from Horizons Consents Team.

Download printable "Choosing a water meter" pamphlet here

Download printable verification factsheet here

General state of the water resource

Regional councils are tasked with the responsibility for managing water use and ensuring fair and reasonable access to water for as many users as possible, while ensuring that the environmental values are not impacted. Follow the link below to read an overview of water allocation in the Manawatu-Wanganui Region.

Understanding your resource consent document

Your Resource Consent document is a legal document that outlines what activity you are permitted to carry out, and what conditions, responsibilities and obligations accompany that permit. The link below will help you understand what your consent really says so that you can make good decisions and easily comply with your consent conditions.

My consent requires me to manually submit water use records. How do I do that?

Consents for water takes over a certain rate and volume require the consent holder to manually return water use records to Horizons. The details of the timing for this are in your consent conditions. You can download the pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet below and print it or save it to return to Horizons once you have entered the data. You can post it in or email it to us at Compliance.shared@horizons.govt.nz.

Download printable water use records factsheet here

For help reading your water meter, please contact your water meter installer.

What is Telemetry?

Telemetry is an automated way of returning water use data from your water meter to Horizons via the cell-phone network. Installing telemetry means that you won’t have to manually return your water use records to Horizons unless there is a system failure, and that Horizons can summarise the data and provide daily totals back to you through our Watermatters web-site. You can use this data to monitoring your own consent compliance and regulate your water use to get the best value out of your system. Horizons Water Metering Team will need to set your telemetry system up for you.  Follow the links for more information.

Download printable telemetry factsheet here

File transfer protocol or FTP is another way of automatically transferring data to Horizons. If your Resource Consent specifies the use of FTP in place of telemetry, please use the link below to download the FTP configuration requirements.

Summary of national regulation requirements

The National Regulations of Water Use Measurement and Reporting (2010) (the regulations) came into force in late 2010, and will be monitored and enforced by regional councils. Follow the link below for a basic overview of what the regulations might mean for you, and a link to the Ministry for the Environment website