Whole farm plans

This is a brief outline of the WFP process. If you have any queries you should contact your local environmental management officer for soils (EMOS) immediately.

Initial contact will either be made by Horizons if you are in a high priority area, or you may wish to contact us because you believe your property would benefit from a WFP.

We will then visit your property to assess your needs and priority and give you more information on the WFP process.

Then we will be able to tell you when you could expect the on-farm assessment work to start. Once your details have been confirmed, we will need the following information from you:

  • Your farm boundaries and paddocks drawn on a map supplied by us.
  • Your contact and property details so our contractors can contact you.
  • Your audited accounts will need to be forwarded to our financial contractor.

Horizons staff or other contractors will conduct the land mapping by on-farm assessment based on rock type, soil, slope, vegetation and erosion to produce a Land Resource Inventory. Information will also be collected on water resources, biodiversity and farm infrastructure.

Whoever leads the mapping exercise will need details of fertiliser application and soil test history, stock numbers, farm policy and farm management history. Parts of this information will be used in the business analysis.

There will be several meetings between the landowner and the team to negotiate a mutually acceptable plan.

The Whole Farm Plan and a letter of intent explaining the commitments will then be returned to the landowner to sign off. At any stage until final sign-off of the plan, the landowner can cancel the process. Otherwise the work programme can now begin.

The area’s EMOS will be in regular contact to help the landowner to ensure the programme is successful.

Information collected will eventually be available on Horizons’ databases. Financial information will not be released that allows identification of any individual or property.

If you require any information about the whole farm process or have any feedback about this process, then we'd love to hear from you. Please click on the 'contact us' link below to send us your questions or feedback.