Scheduled hearing date & time:

14 November 2016
10:00 a.m.

Hearing Venue:
Manfeild Stadium Suites Manfeild Park 59 South Street Feilding
Further Enquiries:

Enquiries regarding the application can be made to Andrew Bashford, Consents Team Leader

Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council has received a consent application from Affco New Zealand Ltd to carry out a number of activities associated with the operation of the meat works at the Campbell Road, Feilding site.

Section 42A Reports

To view a copy of the Reporting Officers' section 42A reports, please click the links below:

Tabitha Manderson
Attachment 1 - Further Information Request
Attachment 1 - Further Information Response
Attachment 2 - Summary of Submissions
Attachment 3 - Memorandum from Rex Corlett
Attachment 4 - One Plan Objectives & Policies
Attachment 5 - Conditions (General)
Attachment 5 - Conditions (Discharge to Air)
Attachment 5 - Conditions (Discharge to Land)
Attachment 5 - Conditions (Discharge to Land where may enter water)
Attachment 5 - Conditions (Discharge to Water)
Attachment 5 - Conditions (Land Use Consent for River Structures)

Jonathon Bell
Appendix A

Neil Thomas
Attachment 1 - List of Figures

Logan Brown
Stuart Standen
David Horne


Applicant's Expert Evidence

To view copies of the Applicant's Expert Evidence, please click the links below:

Hamish Lowe
Attachment A

Peter Hill
Attachment A
Attachment B

Hywel Edwards
Appendix A

Olivier Ausseil
Ann Nuku


Sumbitter Expert Evidence

Dennis Bruce Emery on behalf of Nga Kaitiaki O Ngati Kauwhata Inc
Press Release

Other Documents

Please click the links below to view other documents circulated prior to the Hearing.

s99(5) Pre-Hearing Report
Cultural Impact Assessment
Memorandum to Hearings Panel from Tabitha Manderson
Addendum Report Air Quality Review
Wastewater Treatment Performance Review - A van Oostrom
Indicative Hearing Agenda

Tabled Documents

Listed below are the documents tabled at the Hearing. Please click the links to view the documents.

1. Opening Submissions on Behalf of AFFCO NZ Ltd
2. Supplementary Evidence of Tabith Manderson
3. Supplementary Evidence of Hamish Lowe
4. Oral Submission of Dennis Emery on Behalf of Nga Kaitiaki o Ngati Kauwhata Inc
5. Powerpoint Presentation for Nga Kaitiaki o Ngati Kauwhata Inc
6. Oral Submission of Chris Teo-Sherrell for The Water Protection Society Inc
7. Oral Submission of Te Ropu Taiao o Ngati Whakatere
8. Powerpoint Presentation for Te Mauri o Rangitaane o Manawatu
9. Oral Submission of Kelvin Lane for himself, Shannon Progressive Association, & Manawatu Estuary Trust
10. Manawatu River Estuary Pamphlet from Kelvin Lane
11. Oral Submission from Christina Paton
12. Oral Submission from Cyril & Charlotte Andrews
13. Oral Submission of Michael Smith on Behalf of Water & Environmental Care Association Inc
14. Oral Submission from John Bent
15. Supplementary Evidence of Neil Thomas


A final decision on the application was made by the Hearings Panel on Friday, 3 February 2017.

To view a copy of the decision, attachments, and associated documents, please click the links below.

Final Decision
Appendix 2 - Conditions
Site Plan - Consent Monitoring Sites
Site Plan - Land Management Units
Section 37 Timeframe Extension