Scheduled hearing date & time:

5 March 2020
9:30 AM

Hearing Venue:
Levin Public Library (Te Takere), 10 Bath Street, Levin 5510.
Further Enquiries:

Enquiries regarding the application can be made to Andrew Bashford, Senior Consultant Consents Planner

An application from Horowhenua District Council for Discharges at The Pot

All permits are for the storage and discharge of treated wastewater from the Levin wastewater treatment plant onto and into land at 'The Pot' site located at the end of Hokio Sands Road, Levin

Section 42A Reports

1. HRC S42A Report Esther Dijkstras - Soil
2. HRC S42A Report James Lambie - Ecology
3. HRC S42A Report Tim Baker - Groundwater
4. HRC S42A Report Michael Patterson - Fresh Water
5. HRC S42A Report Hilke Giles - Coastal
6. HRC S42A Report Bruce Clarke - Air Quality
7. HRC S42A Report Andrew Bashford - Planning
8. HRC S42A Report - Planning Appendix A - Draft Conditions
9. HRC S42A Report - Planning Appendix B - Flaxhaven Consent
10. Joint Witness Statement - Soils
11. Joint Witness Statement - Groundwater
12. Joint Witness Statement - Freshwater and Marine
13. Joint Witness Statement - Planning
14. Joint Witness Statement - Air Quality
15. HDC David Clapperton - Overview
16. HDC S42A Report Hamish Lowe - Land Treatment and Project
17. HDC S42A Report Hamish Lowe - Annexes A to O
18. HDC S42A Report Hamish Lowe - Annex P Conditions
19. HDC S42A Report Paul Gaydon - Treatment
20. HDC S42A Report Grant Northcott - Emerging Contaminants
21. HDC S42A Report Sian Cass - Management and Monitoring
22. HDC S42A Report Malcolm Mcleod - Soils
23. HDC S42A Report Katie Beecroft - Soils and Land Treatment
24. HDC S42A Report Stephen Douglass - Groundwater
25. HDC S42A Report Olivier Ausseil - Freshwater
26. HDC S42A Report Sharon DeLuca - Marine Coastal
27. HDC S42A Report Vaughan Keesing - Ecology
28. HDC S42A Report Boyden Evans - Landscape
29. HDC S42A Report Hywel Edwards - Planning
30. Submitter Expert Evidence - Dr Marjan van den Belt
31. Submitter Expert Evidence - Charlie Hopkins - Planning
32. Hearing Schedule - The Pot
33. Background Information - Waiwiri catchment


Minute Direction No 1
Minute Direction No 2 with Letter Attached
Minute Direction No 3
Minute Direction No 4
Minute Direction No 5
Minute Direction No 6

Hearing Documents

Supplementary evidence Hilke Giles - 200304
Supplementary evidence_Michael Patterson
WECA response to HDC Updated Conditions Final
Weca Response v02 Updated Conditions v02
Christine Moriarty Tabled Document reconvened
Ngati Kiopori Society Marae Committe response
1. Supplementary evidence Hamish Lowe - Planning 3 March 2020
2. Appendix A Proposed_conditions-3_March_2020-TrackChanges
3. Appendix_A1-Proposed_conditions-3_March_2020-clean
4. Appendix_B-Table of feedback on proposed conditions-200303
5. Appendices-C_to_O-200303-merged
Horizons comments on conditions 31 Jan 2020
Muaupoko Cooperative Society - Cultural Impact Assessment
Muaupoko Cooperative Society - Appendice 2 (c)
Proposed conditions - Covering Letter
Proposed conditions (long-term) 5 December 2019
Proposed conditions (short-term) 5 December 2019
Tabled Document 1. Opening legal submissions dated 29 October 2019
Tabled Document 2. Revised Set of Conditions-191029
Tabled Document 2A. Condition Framework
Tabled Document 2B. Power Point Presentation for Applicant Experts
Tabled Document 3. J T Mackie Consent
Tabled Document 4. Discharge Permits Within West_8 Water Management Zone
Tabled Document 5. Rebuttal evidence of Hywel Edwards dated 29 October 2019
Tabled Document 6. Levin Waste Water Consent - Landscape Map
Tabled Document 7. Marjan van den Belt - Powerpoint presentation
Tabled Document 8. WECA statement for Pot hearing 31.10.2019
Tabled Document 9. Rachael Selby - Ngati Pareraukawa
Tabled Document 10. David Moore - Ngati Pareraukawa
Tabled Document 11. Pataka Moore Power Point
Tabled Document 12. Pataka Moore Ngati Pareraukawa
Tabled Document 13. Heeni Collins Ngati Kikopiri
Tabled Document 14. Jessica Kereama Ngait Raukawa
Tabled Document 15. Phil Taueki
Tabled Document 16. Vivienne Taueki
Tabled Document 17. Charles Rudd
Tabled Document 18. Charles Rudd Hazardous Substances