Scheduled hearing date & time:

5 April 2017
9:30 a.m.

Hearing Venue:
Bush Multisport Complex, 57 Huxley Street, Pahiatua
Further Enquiries:

Enquiries regarding the application can be made to Fiona Morton, Senior Consultant Planner

An application from Tararua District Council for discharges at the Eketahuna Wastewater Treatment Plant

For resource consents associated with the operation of the Eketahuna Wastewater Treatment Plant, including a discharge into the Makakahi River, a discharge to air (principally odour), and a discharge to land via pond seepage, Bridge Street, Eketahuna.

Section 42A Reports

1. HRC S42A Report D Ryan - Air Quality
2. HRC S42A Report Tim Baker - Ground Water
3. HRC S42A Report Logan Brown - Water Quality
4. HRC S42A Report Fiona Morton - Planning
5. TDC S41B Report John Crawford - Wastewater Engineering
6. TDC S41B Report O Ausseil - Water Quality
7. TDC S41B Report T Manderson - Planning
7a. TDC S41B Report T Manderson - Appendix III
8. Submitter Expert Evidence - Adam Canning - Freshwater Ecology
9. Submitter Expert Evidence - Greg Carlyon - Planning
10. Submitter Expert Evidence - Kate McArthur - Water Quality
11. Submitter Expert Evidence - Manahi Paewai - Cultural
12. Submitter Expert Evidence - Phillip Percy - Planning
13. Deborah Ryan Supplementary Evidence
14. Tim Baker Supplementary Evidence
15. Logan Brown - Updated tables for Hearing


First Minute from the Hearing Panel
Second Minute from the Hearing Panel with Indicative Schedule
Third Minute from the Hearing Panel
Fourth Minute and Timetable
Memorandum of counsel for Applicant responding to Memorandum 3 17 May 2017
Fifth Minute from the Hearing Panel
Sixth Minute from the Hearing Panel
Seventh Minute from the Hearing Panel
Eighth Minute from the Hearing Panel

Hearing Documents

1. Tabled Documents- Deborah Ryan Supplementary Evidence
2. Tabled Documents- Tim Baker Supplementary Evidence
3. Tabled Documents- Logan Brown Updated tables
4. Tabled Documents Blair King Statement of Evidence
5. Tabled Documents John Crawford Supplementary Evidence
6. Tabled Documents John Crawford Summary Presentation
7. Tabled Documents Email from Morry Black
8. Tabled Documents Peter Wood (MCDHB)
9. Tabled Documents Olivier Ausseil Supplementary Evidence
10. Tabled Documents Olivier Ausseil Presentation
11. Tabled Documents Tabitha Manderson Supplementary Evidence
12. Tabltha Manderson Timeline Proposal
13. Tabled Documents Tabitha Manderson Conditions Schedule
14. Tabled Documents Morry Black
15. Tabled Documents Phil Teal
16. Tabled Documents Manahi Paewai
17. Tabled Documents Robert Ketu
17a. Tabled Documents Ngati Whakatere Power Point
18. Tabled Documents Water Protection Society
19. Tabled Documents Water & Environmental Care
20. Table Documents Philip Percy Decision Options
21. Tabled Documents Kelvin Lane
22. Tabled Documents Manawatu Estuary Trust
23. Tabled Documents John Bent
24. Tabled Documents Logan Brown Supplementary Evidence
24a. Tabled Documents Cawthron Report No 1791
25. Table Documents Fiona Morton Supplementary Evidence
26. Kate McArthur supplementary evidence
27. Appendix 1 McArthur supplementary
28. Appendix 2 McArthur supplementary
29. Appendix 3 McArthur supplementary
30. Greg Carlyon supplementary evidence
31. Tabled Document Tabitha Manderson Timeline