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Horizons Regional Council

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Ryan O'Leary

Palmerston North City Council
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Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council (MWRC) and Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) have received resource consent applications from PNCC (as applicant) to construct a shared pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Manawatu River.

The applicant has requested that the applications be publicly notified under section 95A (2)(b) of the Resource Management Act 1991.


Location: Manawatu River, Dittmer Drive/Ruha Street Intersection, Dittmer Reserve, Massey University pastoral land.

Legal Description: Section 1701 Town of Palmerston North, Manawatu River, Legal Road

Approximate Map Reference: NZMG 2731450.02 E 6089367.99 N

The proposal involves the construction of a shared pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Manawatu River. The 4-span bridge will be approximately 195m in length and 4.5m in width, extending to approximately 10m in width at the bridge abutments. The bridge will also contain a 9m wide public viewing platform. The construction works involve disturbance to the Manawatu River bed; earthworks on the northern and southern embankments of the River for the bridge abutments, ramps, connecting shared pathways, landscaping and site surfacing


Application Details


ATH-2016201107.00 Land Use Consent (Section 9)

To undertake large scale land disturbance and vegetation clearance associated with the construction of a bridge, retaining structures and movement of a stopbank and any ancillary discharges of sediment into water resulting from the land disturbance.

ATH-2016201172.00 Discharge Permit

To discharge cleanfill material to create bridge abutments, retaining structures and movement of stopbanks.

ATH-2016201173.00 Water Permit

To temporarily divert the Manawatu River using existing river gravels to provide machinery access to construct bridge piers within the bed of the River.

ATH-2016201174.00 Land Use Consent (Section 13)

To alter stopbanks, construct a new bridge and retaining structures in a reach of river and its bed with Schedule B values of Sites of Significance – Cultural and Flood Control and Drainage. This includes the associated earthworks, disturbance of the bed of the river and any ancillary sediment discharges into water or onto land resulting from the construction works.



LU 3719 Land Use Consent

Construction of a bridge in the Flood Protection Zone requires resouce consent as a Discretionary (Unrestricted) Activity.


Application can be viewed


Addendum_Hydraulic Report
Addendum_Hydraulic Validation Memo
Appendix A_Consent forms and Gazette
Appendix B_Figure 1
Appendix C_Ecological Assessment
Appendix D_Engineering drawings
Appendix E_Urban Design Assessment
Appendix F_Draft Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
Appendix G_Planning maps
Appendix H_Landscape and Visual Assessment
Appendix I_Transportation Assessment
Appendix J_Noise and Vibration Assessment
Assessment of Environmental Effects v5
Copies of All Submissions
Draft Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan
First Minute
Full Copy of AEE with Appendicies
HRC cover letter
Notice, 23 November 2016 (joint)
PNCC cover letter
Section 92 Request for Additional Information

In person

Submissions may be made in writing by any person or can be sent via email to and followed with a signed hardcopy to Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council, Private Bag 11025, Manawatu Mail Centre, Palmerston North, 4442.

The Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council will receive submissions on behalf of both Councils.



You can also request a copy of the application from the Consents Department of the Manawatu-Wangunui Regional Council via email


Public submissions can be received up until December 19, 2016 4:45 p.m.


This public notice was first advertised in the Manawatu Standard on 21 November 2016. Any person may make a submission on the applications. Submission forms are available in hard copy from Horizons Regional Council, 11-15 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North or can be downloaded here.


  1. Your full name, address for service of submitter, telephone number, email address and contact person (name and   designation, if applicable).
  2. Details of the application or applications in respect of which you are making the submission.
  3. Your submission, with reasons, including whether you support, oppose or are neutral to the application to which your submission relates.
  4. The decision you wish Horizons Regional Council and/or Palmerston North City Council to make.
  5. Whether you wish to be heard in relation to your submission (make an oral submission), including whether if others make a similar submission, whether you will consider presenting a joint case with them at the hearing.