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Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council has served notice on Horowhenua District Council (HDC), the consent holder, of its intention to review the conditions of the following resource consents associated with the Levin Landfill.

Application Details

Discharge Permit Conditions Subject to Review
6009 - Discharge solid waste to land 2, 8, 14(a) to (m), 28, 29, 32, 33, and 34
6010 - Discharge leachate to land 3, 4, 11(a) to (e), 12, 13, 14, 27, 28 and 29

6011 - Discharge contaminants to air 3 and 6
7289 - Discharge liquid waste onto and into land 5, 9, 12 and 17
102259 - Discharge of stormwater to land that may enter water All conditions

 The reasons for the review are:
The review conditions of the discharge permits require Horizons to initiate a publicly notified review of the conditions outlined above.
MWRC has received complaints regarding odour from the landfill over recent years, and has observed landfill leachate ‘daylighting’ into an open drain located on an adjoining property which flows into the Hokio Stream.
Odour has been an on-going issue. The review will examine current best practice in terms of capping of the landfill, surface emission testing and standards, and what further investigations can be carried out and mitigation measures implemented to avoid noxious, dangerous, offensive or objectionable odours beyond the boundary of the site.
The review will also focus on the effects of landfill leachate on the environment, particularly in the drain and Hokio Stream.  It will examine whether existing surface and groundwater standards are relevant and appropriate to manage effects.
Horizons has proposed amendments and new resource consent conditions. HDC has responded to the Notice of Review and proposed alternative amendments and conditions.  Copies of the Notice of Review and HDC’s response are available as outlined below.
Change of Conditions
Horizons has also received an application from HDC to change the conditions of the following resource consents:
6009                Discharge solid waste to land
6010                Discharge leachate to land
6011                Discharge contaminants to air
7289                Discharge liquid waste onto and into land
HDC has requested that this application be considered in conjunction with the review of conditions.  It requests changes to a number of conditions to the above resource consents which are not subject to the review process. 
The relevant information that is available for the review and change of conditions application includes:
Consents 6009, 6010, 6011, 7289 and 102259.
Notice of review
Horizons' proposed conditions
HDC response to the Notice of Review (including HDCs proposed conditions).
HDC Change of Conditions application.

The original Discharge Permits, Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council review, and Horowhenua District Council's application of the change of conditions may be viewed at the following location:

Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council Offices, 11-15 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North, during the hours of 8:15am to 4:45pm

You can also request a copy of the application from the Consents Department of the Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council (0508 800 800) or via email

Public submissions closed on 29th January 2016.

Hearing Correspondence

First Minute of Commissioners - 2 August 2016

Hearing Information

Scheduled Start Times
10.00am Monday 19 Sept
9.00am Tuesday 20 Sept
9.00am Wednesday 21 Sept
9.00am Thursday 22 Sept
Hearing Venue
 Monday 19 September to Thursday 22 September 
Days 1-4
 Horowhenua Event Centre API, Showgrounds Events
Park, Conference Room, 32 Victoria Street, Levin
  Hearing was Adjourned at 1pm Thursday 22 September 2016

Hearing was Closed on 28 October 2016

Section 42A Reports

From Horizons Regional Council

Stuart Standen - Compliance
Logan Brown - Water Quality
Deborah Ryan - Air Quality
Andrew Bashford - Including Appendix 1 - Planning
Andrew Bashford - Appendix 2 - Planning


Joint Witness Statements

Joint Witness Statements (Water Quality & Air Quality)

Additional Information

Levin Landfill Odour Assessment
Levin Landfill H2S Monitoring Report
Discharge Permit 106798 (Flare)
Water Quality Conferencing Notes

Applicant Evidence

From Horowhenua District Council

Olivier Ausseil - Water Quality
Olivier Ausseil - Appendices
Doug Boddy
Doug Boddy - Appendix A
Doug Boddy - Appendix B
Doug Boddy - Appendix C
Doug Boddy - Appendix D
Doug Boddy - Appendix H
Phil Landmark
Phil Landmark - Appendix 1 Figure 1
Phil Landmark - Appendix 1 Figure 2
Phil Landmark - Appendix 2
Phil Landmark - Appendix 3
Gallo Saidy
Stephen Douglass - Groundwater
Stephen Douglass - Appendix A
Hywel Edwards - Planning

Submitter Expert Evidence

Mahinarangi Baker
Kate McArthur - Water Quality
Greg Carlyon - Planning
Caleb Royal

Pre-Hearing Report

s99 Report from C Foster


Historical Documents

1995 Resource consent application and AEE
Decision 1998
Decision Review No 1
Decision Review No 1 - Appendix A
Decision Review No 1 - Appendix B
Decision Review No 1 - Appendix C
Decision Review No 1 - Appendix D
Decision Review No 1 - Appendix E
Decision Review No 1 - Appendix F
Tonkin & Taylor Report - Enforcement Prosecution History




Applicants Statement of Rebuttal Evidence

Olivier Ausseil - Water Quality

Hearing Documents

Tabled Documents and Evidence Presented during Hearing

Supplementary Evidence - Andrew Bashford
Opening Submissions on Behalf of Horowhenua District Council
Conditions Appended to Legal Submissions
Peter Thompson
Bernadette Casey
Roschana Webby Doc 1
Roschana Webby Doc 2
Peter Everton
Erl and Gwyn Grange
Charles Rudd
Malcolm Hadlum
Christine Moriarty for HEKA
Mike Smith for WECA
Anne Hunt
Phil Taueki
Rachael Selby
Pataka Moore
Pataka Moore - Power Point
Statement of Evidence - D Boddy
Addendum to Evidence - S Douglass
Groundwater Summary - O Ausseil
David Moore
Supplementary Evidence - G Carlyon
Kelly Mason
Supplementary Statement - M Smith WECA
Charles Rudd - 2 Maps
Supplementary Evidence - D Ryan
Corny Andrews
Supplementary Evidence - L Brown
A Bashford - Levin Landfill Appeal Notes

Applicant's Right of Reply

Closing Legal Submissions for Horowhenua District Council
Appendix A - Proposed Conditions
Appendix B - Map identifying surface and groundwater monitoring sites
Appendix C - Joint witnessing statement of water quality and planning experts
Appendix D - Joint witnessing statement of odour experts dated 28 September 2016

Second Minute of Commissioners - Close of Hearing 28 October 2016

Second Minute



Decision has been Appealed

Application can be viewed


You can also request a copy of the application from the Consents Department of the Manawatu-Whanganui Regional Council via email