National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPS-FM)

The updated National Policy Statement for Freshwater (NPS-FM) landed in 2020. This policy outlines how regional councils manage freshwater under the Resource Management Act.

Te Mana o te Wai

Te Mana o te Wai is the leading concept behind this statement and refers to the fundamental importance of water. The NPS-FM determines that each council must conduct community engagement to understand tangata whenua and the communities' freshwater values, this engagement will inform the regional approach to regulating.

Ministry for the Environment NPS Webinars

Translating the NPS-FM and putting it into action
Overview of the new NPS-FM and key changes from the 2017 NPS. Step through key changes - values, attributes, limits and action plans. An overview of the new Freshwater Planning Process.
NPS-FM - vision setting and value identification
Overview of these parts of the NPS-FM and explanations of:
  • Te Mana o te Wai and vision setting; and
  • compulsory values - mahinga kai, threatened species and ecosystem health. 
NPS - National Objectives Framework
Overview of the key steps required for the National Objectives Framework with a focus on flows and attribute identification including nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment.