Community Pest Control

The task of pest management is much greater than can be dealt with by Horizons alone, who can only do so much to manage the effects of pests in our region with the resources at hand. The future of biosecurity in our patch of New Zealand needs this to be a joint effort with our community and other agencies that have a role in managing the effects of pest animals on our environment and economy.

Field horsetail

Field horsetail (Equisetum arvense), has become a serious invasive pest of pasture, crop and riparian areas in our region. Traditional weed control measures are costly, minimally effective and are struggling to control or even reduce the spread of this weed.

In early 2018 a bioagent, the horsetail weevil, Grypus equiseti, were released in the Rangitīkei District near Bulls to help control the invasive weed. The release was managed by the Rangitīkei Horsetail Group with Horizons, NZ Landcare Trust and Landcare Research.

This page is a hub for the most relevant and helpful information available. Partner organisations in the study of field horsetail include NZ Landcare Trust, Landcare Research, and AgResearch.

August 2015-Update


Weeding out Field Horsetail


Field Horsetail - Control Options


Tutsan Action Group

Formed in Taumarunui in 2007 by Horizons, Department of Conservation, a local farm consultant and farmers concerned about increasing spread of tutsan in the Ruapehu District. Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum) is a semi-evergreen shrub growing up to 1.5m tall with stalkless oval leaves opposite each other up to 100mm in length.

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Beginning in 2006, Horizons has run Weedbusters campaigns. As part of each campaign, every site Horizons receives a call from is visited, has the weeds removed and an information pack is left to assist the land owner to manage weeds in the future.

Weedbusters is a weeds awareness and education programme that aims to protect
New Zealand’s environment from the increasing weed problem. Pest animals and plants (weeds) are the greatest threat to New Zealand’s biodiversity. People play a large part in spreading environmental weeds, often without knowing it.

If you think you have any of these weeds on your property ring freephone 0800 WEEDBUSTERS or 0508 800 800 or visit the Weedbusters website.

The Weedbusters site has a fantastic A - Z of pest plants if you are unsure of the species check it out.

Rangitīkei Environment Group

Horizons and Rangitīkei District Council work collaboratively with the Rangitīkei Environment Group (REG) to target Old Man's Beard.

REG carries out pest plant control (in particular targeting Old Man’s Beard) and biodiversity restoration works within the Rangitīkei District. The working group’s focus is to re-establish, enhance and sustain the native flora and fauna of the Rangitīkei District that is being degraded and destroyed by introduced exotic plant and animal pests.