Lake Wiritoa

This popular recreational lake is found at the end of Kaitoke Road. Kaitoke Road is a right turn off State Highway 3 about 3km south of Wanganui. The lake is used for water skiing, boating, swimming and fishing. It is the home of the Wanganui Water Ski Club.

The lake has designated active and passive recreation areas. Areas used for active recreation are sometimes closed when specific events are being held on the lake. Check here for these dates. The passive recreation area is located at the south western end of the lake.

Is it safe for swimming?
The level of health-risk bacteria at Lake Wiritoa is very low and is safe for swimming under all conditions except when blue-green algae blooms occur.  Blue-green algae can produce toxins so the density of blue-green algae in the lake is monitored by Horizons and warning signs are put up if levels exceed guidelines.

What is Horizons doing to improve the lake?
Lakes have a range of things that need to be balanced to keep the water clean so its fish and plant life can survive and we can enjoy these special spots.

Horizons works to improve water quality by:
• Helping to fence off the lake and it’s feeder streams, so stock do not get into water and contaminate it
• Helping rural land users to stop soil and nutrients eroding from surrounding land and into water
• Managing water that is taken out of the lake and its feeder streams.

Our lake's future
While you can enjoy Lake Wiritoa this summer, work needs to be done to make sure future generations will be able to use the lake too. Horizons will do this by continuing to support work that reduces the sources of sediment, nutrients and bacteria getting into the lake.