Manawatu River at Hopelands Reserve

This scenic spot is located at the Hopelands reserve just north of Woodville. It is recognised as a regionally significant trout fishery and a nesting habitat for Dotterel. The reserve is very popular with the local community with visitors frequenting it throughout the year.

Is it safe for swimming?
Water quality at Hopelands Reserve is generally safe for swimming, except during and after high levels of rainfall.

Rain washes bacteria and sediment off streets, roads, plants and land into water which increases the health-risk and makes it look murky. When that happens it is best to wait until it clears again and that might take at least three days of fine weather at this spot.

Are there any other risks?
Blue-green algae mats have been a concern at this site in the past. This algae can produce toxins at times, so Horizons’ checks the river and posts warning signs if necessary.

What is Horizons doing to improve the River?
Rivers have a range of things that need to be balanced to keep the water clean so its fish and plant life can survive and we can enjoy these special spots.

Horizons works to improve water quality by:

  • Helping to fence off rivers and streams so stock do not get into water and contaminate it
  • Helping rural land users to stop soil eroding from hills and into water
  • Ensuring waste that has to go into water is properly treated to meet water quality standards
  • Monitoring water that is taken out of the river so there is enough for everyone, including the fish

River Accord
Industry, councils, iwi and environmentalists have made a promise to look after all the rivers in the Manawatu Catchment. It is called the Manawatu River Leaders' Accord and more information can be found here.