Manawatu River at Waitoetoe Park

Waitoetoe Park is a lovely open park with lots of surrounding trees for the family to have an afternoon swim and run around.  The swimming hole is a lovely sheltered spot, and great for families. Waitoetoe Park and surrounding walkways are an off leash area for dogs, for more information please click here. Waitoetoe Park has a friendly community - find out more here

What is Horizons doing to improve the river?
Water quality in the Manawatu River is a result of what happens in the huge catchment area upstream of it.

Horizons works to improve water quality by:

  • Ensuring waste that has to go into water is properly treated to meet water quality standards
  • Monitoring water that is taken out of the river so there is enough for everyone, including the fish
  • Helping to fence off rivers and streams so stock do not get into water and contaminate it
  • Helping rural land users to stop soil eroding from hills and into water

Manawatu River Leaders' Accord
Industry, councils, iwi and environmentalists have made a promise to look after all the rivers in the Manawatu Catchment. It is called the Manawatu River Leaders' Accord and more information can be found here.