2017-18 Annual Plan: Have your say

Horizons Long-Term Plan (LTP) sets out how we plan on managing the Region's natural resources for the next 10 years. This includes identifying the activities we need to deliver and proposing what rate contribution is required to help cover the estimated costs for each year. Once the LTP is set, we touch base with it every year to see if we are on track with what we proposed via an Annual Plan process. Sometimes things change so we make adjustments and invite our community to provide feedback - this is one of those years. Essentially, in 2015 our LTP provided the 'big picture' for the period 2015-25, and this year's Anuual Plan (Year 3 of the LTP) is the details for 2017-18. While an LTP is set for 10 years, every three years it is revisited as changing circumstances, focus and efficiencies make it a necessary undertaking. The next LTP proccess will be undertaken again in 2018. 

Understanding the proposed rate increase

This year's Annual Plan consultation includes a proposed rates increase of 4.37%. Should this be adopted, your individual rates demand may differ to this percentage. This is because the proposed percentage is an average for the whole Region. From additional resource consent capability and capacity, to managing flood protection, drainage and pest plants, what we do makes a difference to how you live, work and play in the Horizons Region.

Additional supporting information to the Consultation Document can be read here. We invite your feedback using the online form below, or click here for a printable version of the form only.

Submit your say - submissions close 13 April