Review of the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP)

Horizons have reviewed the Regional Land Transport Plan (2015-25). With a refocus in strategic priorities Council is consulting with our communities to ensure they agree with the repriorisation of these. 

The priorities have been listed in order of importance as follows:
Effective and efficient road maintenance and delivery
Effective and efficient road maintenance and delivery has been prioritised as the most important deliverable of the Plan. 

Improve connectivity, resilience and the safety of strategic routes to and from key destinations linking north-south and east-west while factoring in demographic changes and impacts on land use
Given the strategic advantage of the Region due to its location in the central lower North Island, it is critical that the key linkages north-south and east-west, operate efficiently.  Some routes are under pressure which adversely affects the ability for freight and people to move through the Region. There are a number of programmes underway which will improve the connectivity, resilience and safety of these strategic routes, however careful planning is required to ensure this strategic priority is achieved.

An appropriate network of tourism routes
Encouraging people to visit the Region provides economic development opportunities. The number of tourists in the Region are expected to grow in coming years. Providing an appropriate network which encourages their movement through a network of clearly defined, visible tourist routes is important, particularly for some of the Region’s smaller communities that rely on tourists.

An integrated walking and cycling network
Encouraging walking and cycling in urban, and between urban centres can support economic growth and productivity through the provision of better access to markets, employment and business areas.  We want to continue to promote walking and cycling as convenient and healthy methods for short trips, as well as trips connecting main urban centres, and create an ongoing programme of infrastructure improvements in order to facilitate growth.

Effective, accessible and affordable multi-modal transport networks
This strategic priority recognises the varied transport needs of the Region’s residents, some of whom have a high degree of choice and flexibility, while others have limited options for getting around.  It acknowledges the need for increased choice of personal transport in order to reduce dependence on car travel and the need for the transport system to be adaptable to changing circumstances and affordability.

Let us know what you think of these changes by filling in the form below or send our transport team an email here before 31 January 2018.

Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-15


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Summary Document of the Draft Review


Media release - Horizons consulting on Draft Review of RLTP 2015-25


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