Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-31

Transport is vital to everyday life, from going to where we work and play to getting access to goods and services. The Horizons Regional Land Transport Plan is a statutory document outlining the current and desired future state for the Manawatu-Whanganui Region’s transport system. The Plan has been developed by the Regional Transport Committee and is a collaboration between all councils in the region, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and KiwiRail.
It sets out the strategic direction and aspirations for land transport in the region, with a list of activities that will achieve this direction. Ultimately the Regional Land Transport Plan signals where transport investment is planned in the short to medium term to achieve our desired state.
The long term vision for transport in the region is to be a region that connections central New Zealand and supports safe, accessible and sustainable transport options.

Why is it important?

As mentioned above, transport and the networks that service it, affects everyone in their day to day lives. We want to change how our transport system operates to achieve the following:

  • Better connections, access and travel choice. This is about giving people more options about how they travel and also ensuring everyone has access to the places they need to go.
  • Improved safety on the network. We want to improve the safety of the network to reduce the number of serious deaths and injuries on our roads.
  • Reduce the environmental impact and carbon emissions from transport. 
  • Create a more resilient system. This is about managing the network to minimise disruptions from the unplanned events on the transport network.
Ultimately we want to have a transport system that is safe and encourages the use of many different types of transport (e.g. use of public transport, cycling and walking, rail for freight movement) as we believe this will improve the health of not only our communities but the environment too.
We want to know what you think. This impacts everyone’s future.

Want to know more?

Our summary document gives an overview of the strategic direction and key transport projects proposed to achieve that direction. For more detail please read the full Plan.
If you still have questions, please email our friendly staff or call freephone 0508 800 800.

Draft Regional Land Transport Plan


Regional Land Transport Plan Consultation Document


Regional Land Transport Plan Submission Form