The Regional Council intends to manage this Plan as a living document and to ensure its content is responsive to the performance of policies and methods in achieving anticipated environmental outcomes. Changes to the Plan will be sought when:
  1. plan effectiveness monitoring identifies the need to enhance progress toward achieving anticipated environmental results, or
  2. major resource management developments arise such as significant amendments to the RMA or the adoption of national policy statements or national environmental standards by Government that have major implications for the contents of this Plan, or
  3. the results of new scientific work enhance this Plan and make plan provisions more certain for resource users.
Changes to Part I (the Regional Policy Statement) of this Plan may be started by a Minister of the Crown, the Regional Council or any District Council within, or partly within, the Region. Changes may also be triggered after a review of Part I of this Plan, by the provisions of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011.

Changes to Part II (the Regional Plan) of this Plan may be requested by any person.

The process used to review and change this Plan is set out in Schedule I to the RMA.

A full review of Parts I and II of this Plan will be initiated by the Regional Council on the tenth anniversary of the Plan being made operative, unless there has been reason to do so earlier.