3.7.1 Infrastructure and energy

Objectives 3-1 to 3-4 and Policies 3-1 to 3-7 have been adopted to recognise the benefits of infrastructure and having it well integrated with other land uses, and to recognise and provide for renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. The policies on infrastructure aim to give guidance to decision-makers about how to weigh up the local adverse effects of infrastructure against the positive regional and national benefits. They also aim to provide guidance on how to avoid adverse effects on important infrastructure through the inappropriate use of land near or adjoining important infrastructure, and the importance of integrating urban growth with infrastructure provision and the retention of versatile soils for use as production land. The policies regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy seek to recognise the benefits to be derived from the use and development of renewable energy, and the efficient use of energy and resources (both of which are matters to be had in particular regard in Part II of the RMA).

In relation to the application of Policy 3-6(v) „upgrading‟ has the ordinary meaning of the word, as used in the National Policy Statement on Renewable Electricity Generation 2011.

Parts of Policies 3-1, 3-2, 3-4 and 3-7 are included to give effect to parts of the Regional Land Transport Strategy, which seeks to protect the strategic transport network and create opportunity for the uptake of public transport options in the future.