Policy 5-20: Overall approach for bore* management and groundwater allocation

  1. New bores* must be constructed and managed in accordance with Policy 16-4.
  2. Groundwater Management Zones* are mapped in Schedule D.
  3. Total groundwater allocations must comply with the annual allocable volumes for Groundwater Management Zones* set out in Policy 5-21.
  4. The measured or modelled effects^ of a proposed groundwater take on other groundwater users, surface water bodies^ and saltwater intrusion must be managed in accordance with Policies 16-1, 16-5, 16-6 and 16-7.

Policy 5-21: Groundwater Management Zones

The total amount of consented groundwater allocated from each Groundwater Management Zone* mapped in Schedule D must not exceed the annual allocable volume for the GWMZ* specified in Schedule D.