Issue 8-1: Integrated management of the coastal environment

Integration of different agencies’ management frameworks across the landward boundary of the CMA is critical for the sustainable management of the coast and the protection of natural character. There is a need to recognise that activities landward of MHWS impact on the quality of the CMA. There are also some activities that should be managed in the same manner irrespective of their location within or outside of the CMA.

Issue 8-2: Appropriate protection, use and development in the CMA

Some activities rely on a coastal location to operate and need to be located in the CMA - for example, a port. Activities in the CMA, including aquaculture or renewable energy generation, have the potential to create benefits but also the potential to cause adverse effects, if not managed appropriately. Generally, the CMA is valued and enjoyed by people primarily for its natural character, open space, amenity, tikanga Māori and recreation values. In managing activities it is important to ensure that these qualities of the coast are retained and that the integrity of natural coastal processes (such as waves, currents and sand movements) is provided for.

Issue 8-3: Water quality

Water quality affects the life-supporting capacity of the CMA as well as people’s enjoyment of the CMA. The water entering the CMA from rivers, including streams, has a significant impact on the quality of water in the CMA.